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20:20 in 2020
March 28, 2017, 4:50 pm
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It will be played in July and August

There will be Test Matches at the same time. England players can be allocated to the eight teams but can only play if free or dropped

There will be the 50 overs competition played at the same time by all 18 counties, but minus anyone playing in the new competition or for England

It will be on TV – with perhaps five matches on BBC (?)

The original T20 competition will start in May and conclude with Finals Day in mid-July, four days before the new one starts.

The eight teams (‘brands’) will be based at the Test grounds: Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham, London North, London South, Cardiff and Eastleigh. The latter is the only ground not actually in a city, but apparently the teams will be regional and unlikely to be called after cities.

Fake News – Michael Vaughan in today’s Daily Telegraph says “For too long cricket in England has been a safe environment where nothing ever changes” (my emphasis). I will confess he is just about my least favourite of all the former cricketers who make comments on the game, but for its sheer banality that takes some beating; it’s Trump to a T. Nonetheless I think he does have a point when he says “In 10 years time, cricket in this country could be very different”.

Meanwhile Mason Crane bowled 31 overs v Middlesex without a maiden, but did take 4-95 in the second innings – not quite enough to prevent Middlesex from a thrilling one wicket win.


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Sent him a copy of Forever Changes.

Comment by Paul

Nick Hoults piece alongside with the BMW analogy is the funniest thing to come out of this yet, as it makes entirely the opposite of the point they think it makes…

Comment by Jeremy

Vaughan is also quoted on the BBC “Where the Big Bash has had huge success is they make sure the fan experience is key, and almost the cricket is secondary.”


Comment by Hedgehog

This sums up Vaughan totally. I get so fed up with the countless times he interrupts a colleague discussing the game in question to point out someone dressed as Elvis or a beer snake of empty glasses.

I’m afraid the man is a total numpty.

Comment by James

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