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Two Questions
March 28, 2017, 7:59 am
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Tom Harrison asks the first one: “I don’t think it’s so much a gamble, it’s about saying, ‘What do we want our business and our game to look like?'”

I’m asking the second. This £1.3m – is that every year? For how many years?

Here’s a thought. There are certainly players who are earning £100k+ at Hampshire – possibly quite a few. About five years ago the Cricketer revealed that Michael Bates and Danny Briggs were in the £50-100k bracket, which I guess would be the equivalent of Alsop, McManus or Wheal today.

If all that is correct then £1.3m – while obviously very useful – is not such a big deal.

PS: Just been reading more, so to answer part of my question it’s £1.3, per annum for five years (initially)

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I’d guess £1.3m is pretty close to our Members subs, whoops, Season Ticket holders fees + gate money (effectively all T20).

So I guess it looks enormous (especially to a county paying £600k rent for reasons partly related to the ECB’s visionary enthusiasm for Cardiff).

The thing I can’t begin to understand is why the ECB are allowed to behave as if the money generated by the players the county game produces belongs to them. It just doesn’t – does it?

Comment by Jeremy

As I have said before (forgive me for being boring) the ECB have nothing other than some marketing skills. They use the counties players and the counties grounds in order to generate huge amounts of money from international cricket the vast majority of which they withhold from the counties.

I see the new city franchises as their attempt to own something in order to justify their asset stripping.

They have absolutely no interest in the future of the game. Their sole interest is the future of their bank balance.

Comment by James

I read somewhere, cannot recall where, that the £1.3M is to be paid over a 5 year period.

Comment by John West

1.3M is mentioned in Ian’s comment in “The Answer”, below.

Comment by John West

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