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“It’s Not Designed for You”
March 29, 2017, 7:13 pm
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During the Radio Solent Forum, a member of the audience made an understanding and fairly supportive comment about the new T20, but suggested that English cricket fans are pretty tribal and would wish to see a fair representation of local players. Rod said that might happen but stressed this would be the Best v the Rest of the Best before adding “it’s not designed for you”.

That seems to be the strongest message – that they are seeking what might turn out to be a mythical audience of kids, mums and families, but whether they get that audience or not, “its not designed for you” or me.

Rod also said he doesn’t see the kids at the Ageas Bowl. The second and third times I watched Hampshire was on a Wednesday and a Friday from around the tea interval in 1960. I walked a few hundred yards from school and saw ‘Shack’ take 9-30. If we don’t see the kids at the Ageas Bowl maybe that’s partly because there aren’t many school kids close by. Something that was “designed” for kids is Cage Cricket which I’ve supported financially and in other ways for some time. But the Ageas Bowl removed the Cage, quite deliberately.

Rod also said “it’s not our job to educate kids to love what we love” but to “give them what they want”. I guess that’s a key difference between him (lifelong businessman) and me (lifelong arts educator). I don’t mind if kids like cartoons and pop music, but I’m always hopeful that they might move on from that – which probably requires an intervention or two (it’s called education).

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Did not go but listened on the radio. Brave New World in 2020. Hope it works

Back to this season

All set for the season with a strong line up


Michael Carberry (Left)
Jimmy Adams (Left)
Tom Alsop (Left)

Upper Order Batsmen

James Vince (Right)
Rilee Rossouw (Left)
Will Smith (Right)
George Bailey (Right)
Sean Ervine (Left)

All Rounders

Liam Dawson (Right bat – Slow left arm)
Asher Hart (Right bat – right medium)
Gareth Berg (Right bat – right medium fast)

Wicket Keepers

Lewis McManus (Right) (Alsop is a Wicket Keeper to cover)


Fidel Edwards (Right Hand Fast)
Kyle Abbott (Right Fast Medium)
Reece Topley (Left Medium Fast)
Brad Wheal (Right Fast Medium)
Ryan Stevenson (Right Fast Medium)
Mason Crane (Leg Break)
Brad Taylor (Right off-break)
Chris Wood (Left medium) Injured shoulder at present

All with the squad except Fidel Edward who is returning tomorrow and George Bailey who will arrive after his wedding and misses the first 3 Championship games.

My only concern is our three openers are all left handed. Good middle order and bowling mix.

Opening game against Yorkshire next week!

Carberry (Alsop has not been in form so I would give him time to get his form back)

Do not think we need a spinner at Leeds and Topley will give us left hand bowling alternative.

What do others think?

Comment by Ron Griffiths

There was a suggestion that Wood has been suffering with a shoulder problem. Your XI looks very good but most obvious to me is that it contains just four Hampshire-raised players and only one (in his mid-30s) born in Hampshire. So much for that guy’s ‘tribal’ comment!

Comment by pompeypop

Apologies Ron you mentioned the injury.

Comment by Dave Allen

Hampshire twitter shows someone called Holland in squad for Sussex friendly..who is he…

Comment by John Cottrell

No idea John but it’s the right time of year (cue Max Bygraves) “When it’s spring again, I’ll bring again …” I’ll bet he’s not from Pompey. PS having read Ron’s reply, I’m wondering whether he’s son of/related to Bob Holland (leg spinner)?

Comment by pompeypop

Ian Holland age 26 Born Wisconsin All Rounder playing for Victoria Under 23’s in Aussie. Born in North America http://www.espncricinfo.com/australia/content/player/334340.html

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Perhaps we shall have signs at T20 matches “No entry for old fogeys”.
Looks like we will have a strong second eleven.
Surprisingly, when kevan James asked the audience their views on the new T20 plans there was a large majority in favour.

Comment by John white

My wife Lou (who John knows) bought me my favourite mug – coffee from it every morning. It has printed on it “I know I’m in my own world but it’s OK, they know me here”. It feels increasingly appropriate!

Comment by pompeypop

I would be quite happy with a notice saying “No entry for cricket lovers”.

Comment by James

Bransgrove said this is for “The new audience, the people that don’t come at the moment, children …. I want that untapped 98% to consider watching a new form of the game, and the evidence shows they come to watch the best playing the best in a City based competition.”

However you slice it, the evidence may well show that in Australia and India. There is no evidence at all for it here.

Every businessman in the world would like to reach the 98% who don’t buy their product. None of them would sacrifice a dominant position even in a declining market on a blind punt unless forced to do so.

Bransgrove spoke of “declining TV deals”. Yesterday the Telegraph reported that the new TV deal might be £1.25 Billion. If that is even half right, and compares to the prior figure of £480m, then this whole debate has been based on a dishonest premise.

I expect a tournament with a big marketing spend, priced attractively, will fill grounds on sunny days, just as T20 did in 2003-5 before greed destroyed it. So exactly what they’re proposing worked, when Tests where on FTA TV, and prices were low: no-one seemed the slightest bothered about it being “County” cricket then, did they?

Everyone has their position, view, and what will be will be. But however it finishes, the simple fact is First Class County Cricket will have entirely disappeared from the June July and August calendar, and no-one can describe that as “preservation”.

Comment by Jeremy

Very well said Jeremy and that last point absolutely nails it for me. It is ALREADY the case that what I most loved as a regular, committed spectator of county cricketer has disappeared – especially in Hampshire – with no outgrounds, covered, mostly flat pitches, fewer real local players, match reductions on a regular basis despite the lengthening season, and the form I love the most, almost vanished from high summer.

Comment by pompeypop

It’s high summer in London today – a pity there’s no cricket to watch.

The forum is available for streaming (including video) from Radio Solent’s Facebook page. there’s no need to have a Facebook account to view it.

Comment by Hedgehog

Or in summary Jeremy – Lies, damn lies and businessmen making money.

Comment by James

If the ECB valuation the Blast TV rights at only £7m (so £42m over 6 years) ever bore any relation to the real value (which this whole rush seems designed to prevent ever being proven in the marketplace), and If, IF, the DTel £1.25B number is anywhere near true then the reality is that they could readily have given, even paid, BBC or ITV, to cover the Blast as is, with a huge positive impact on COUNTY cricket.

Comment by Jeremy

I think I have spotted the first flying pig of the season!

Comment by James

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