Hampshire Cricket History

For Henry (& Bob)
March 27, 2017, 2:24 pm
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Henry hasn’t been getting our posts so here’s one to check he’s back. I missed yesterday’s Sunday Times but Henry tells me that Simon Wilde was reporting on the changes under the heading: “Crash Bang Wallop! ECB ready to dance to tune of Twenty20” with the sub-heading, “Purists be warned – white-ball game is changing English cricket for ever” Henry adds, “it is a very depressing read for someone of our generation”.

Not the first one, and not the last – but at least we’re ‘Pure’.

And here are two photos connected to our intrepid reporter and his search for every cricket ground in Hampshire (don’t forget to buy a copy)

Bob & Pete Clutterbuck

Which ground was this then Bob? And I wonder whether anyone knows the connection with this photo? (It’s to do with classic, traditional, ‘village’ cricket)


Alsop gone again
March 26, 2017, 12:12 pm
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He’s not had a terrific winter and today lasted just six balls for a duck, playing for MCC v Middlesex. James Harris trapped him lbw. Mason Crane is also playing.

Vultures and cultures
March 26, 2017, 12:07 pm
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There’s a suggestion in the piece by Vic Marks posted by Ron (comment below) that 10 matches in the new city-based competition will go onto free-to-air TV – like the 2005 Ashes series.

I wonder which channel? Even a T20 takes around 3 hours including the break, which is longer than a football/rugby match. Maybe ITV4 or More 4 will find room in the schedules? Or maybe after a year or two, someone at ECB will ‘invent’ Fifteen:15

Then there’s the matter of the impact. Everyone knows about the impact of the 2005 Ashes series – although it’s not obvious it lasted that long – but a match between Solent Sloggers and Manchester Munchkins on More 4, if it does attract an audience, will presumably encourage new generations growing-up to consider that’s what the best cricket is like. If you’re watching in Worthing or Basingstoke or Blackpool (etc) will there be any sense of identification with your team. Maybe that’s all a bit old-fashioned?

There’s also this endless stuff about emulating Australia. I’m all for it. Let’s spend next Christmas on the beach, drinking Fosters – we could import some man-eating sharks and poisonous snakes too. We could show more stuff like Neighbours on TV and screen more great Aussie movies in the cinema

There aren’t any?

Today I dreamed I went to Hambledon again
March 25, 2017, 5:15 pm
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And actually I did, for a fine lunch and a delightful talk from Vic Marks


Vic Marks

A voice from the past, present & future
March 23, 2017, 2:51 pm
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Thanks to John West for sending this link. Interested in where the county game is going? (of course you are):



Change of Plan
March 22, 2017, 9:45 pm
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For some years now the AGM and (Radio Solent) Forum have been followed in the evening by a reception for members to meet the players – with a buffet etc (and a charge).

I notice this year the reception is (a) free (b) in the hour before the AGM and (c) open to everyone – presumably no buffet.

(Back in the 1990s the reception was hosted for the players by the committee)

Mason Crane (2)
March 22, 2017, 6:05 pm
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Guardian Sport back page headline: “Crane benefits from Strauss’ long-term plan”


“Toby Roland-Jones and Strauss’ official man of the series Liam Dawson, who was superb with bat and ball and looks set to push Moeen Ali’s Champions Trophy place hard – showed their class”.

(Selection of “second-stringers” v West Indies?) “One of those should be Crane … The North were cruising … when Crane … intervened … There were so many questions at the start, but Crane provided exactly the kind of answer Strauss was after”.

Mason Crane
March 22, 2017, 12:08 pm
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Seems a thoroughly nice young man, and this report supports that



More keepers (plus)
March 22, 2017, 10:34 am
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This isn’t the one Bob asked about, but there are four keepers and four champions here plus a first Gillette Cup winner (and his wife) and two who kept for a midland county (one whose name I’ve forgotten I’m afraid)

If you’re thinking that makes twelve and there are only seven, you’re quite right (incidentally most of the wine seems to have vanished)

I do have that other one but off to a lunchtime skiffle gig, so I’ll look later

And Another
March 21, 2017, 10:22 pm
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These three (note man lurking in cap)?