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Natural Southerner?
April 3, 2017, 1:51 pm
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Bill Kempton, a regular supporter and one of the top men at Dorset CCC, asked me at the lunch yesterday whether Asher Hart is the first Hampshire cricketer with four initials. His full name, which must have made him ineligible for a long career anywhere as far north as Durham is

Asher Hale-Bopp Joseph Arthur Hart

His folks must have a sense of humour – the Hale-Bopp bit is after the comet which shone most brightly in the year Asher was born – 20 years ago last week.

Well the answer is no, and indeed there are two fairly recent players who have five initials plus a surname – both from overseas. Can you name them?

Apart from those two, the others, like Asher are all English and you do have to go back in time to find them – maybe none of us ever saw any of them, and not one of the four initial guys can also claim to include a hyphen in one of the names, so maybe that wins a prize for Asher?

The most recent was Guy Jewell from Basingstoke way: GAFW Jewell, a very fine club cricketer who played just once for HCCC in first-class in 1952.

The first was FTAH Bathurst – famous family – two games in 1865 & ’66; then JTWF Badden one match in 1912, while surely the most notable was WGLF Lowndes, an amateur who played from 1924-1935, enjoyed one notable match v the Aussies and captained Hampshire briefly, succeeding Lionel Tennyson. Here he is with his team, flanked by the next two captains:




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The 5-fers were WPUJC Vaas, and HMRKB Herath.

Their initials weighed them down while they played for us!

Comment by Bob Elliott

Very good Bob!

Comment by pompeypop

But is Herath Mudiyanselage Rangana Keerthi Bandara Herath the only Hampshire player whose first and last names were the same?

Comment by James

Hesketh Prichard almost qualifies. He was christened Hesketh Vernon Prichard, but then changed his name to Hesketh Vernon Hesketh Prichard. I don’t believe the last two hyphenated.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Love to know the logic behind the name change!

Comment by James

Thanks Alan. We’ve also had quite a few family (last) names that are also first names – Terry, Nicholas, Harrison, James, Vince, Marshall, Martin, Heath, Keith, Dean, Clark, Andrew, Connor, Arnold, Barrett, Benjamin, Blake, Campbell, Duncan, Frederick, Humphrey, Joseph, Lee, Russell, Scott, Ward, Wyatt (etc?)

Comment by pompeypop

PLUS I’ve always loved this guy. A one match wonder, not for Hampshire but at the US Ground, Portsmouth. two things to note – his double hyphen and his score in his only first-class match!

Comment by pompeypop

I was intrigued to see a Greenidge in the Cambridge MCCU side this week. Like any young Greenidge he is a batsman whose father opened the batting for the West Indies. However, his father is not Gordon, but Alvin Greenidge, who owed his short Test career to the absence of the Kerry Packer contingent.

Comment by Hedgehog

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