Hampshire Cricket History

Soggy Start
April 4, 2017, 5:35 am
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I know we have followers some distance away from Hampshire, so I’ll just say that at 6.30am it’s raining in Pompey   – which I guess must mean it’s raining in the Bowl. The forecast is better later, but day three might be truncated.

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Incidentally time to remind you that the Blog does not adjust its posting time for BST. I really was not up at 5.30!

Comment by pompeypop

As the most off topic comment of all time, might I just lightheartedly mention that I see apostrophe’s are in the news today? Some bloke in Bristol has been going round painting them in or blocking them out as appropriate!

Comment by Jeremy


Comment by Chas C


Comment by Jeremy

It was on the BBC News last night. A man with a mission and a man after my own heart. The only ‘work’ I do these days is as support to Final Year arts undergrads, writing their dissertation’s – or should that be dissertations’, or maybe just dissertations. Very few have a clue, although Waterstones (nb no apostrophe) these days sells a very clear and helpful guide, albeit one called ‘F***ing Apostrophes’ (the *** are mine to protect the faint-hearted). As for that man – give him a grant, tour the country!

Comment by pompeypop

There are lots (but not lot’s) of good examples of how the incorrect use of apostrophes alters the meaning of a sentence – a simple example in our game would be to compare the bowlers’ efforts with the bowler’s efforts (by the way Waterstones used to have one but dropped it). I need to shut up soon, but writing about cricket history I’ve (I have) never understood the need for an apostrophe in naming decades: ‘In the 1960s, county cricket introduced limited overs competitions’. Why bother saying in the 1960’s? although of course you would say ‘The 1960’s contribution to the major changes …’

Comment by pompeypop

First thought – perhaps because 1960’s is like “it’s” for “it is” in that it is shorthand for “1960-1969”?

Then seeking enlightenment I went here


And I thought they agreed.

Until I got to almost the last line, which has 1990s, not 1990’s, as correct!

Comment by Jeremy

1960s etc has always seemed to me the simple plural form, but I don’t think 1960’s is wrong, just superfluous

Comment by pompeypop

1960s for the decade and 1960’s for the year?

Comment by stephenfh

What about the Oxford comma?

Comment by Paul

I use them more, and more these days …

Comment by pompeypop

I am on my way to Iceland with some grandchildren and it is raining there – so do not complain!

Comment by Stephen Saunders

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