Hampshire Cricket History

Alec says
April 5, 2017, 7:27 am
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“To be asked to vote on an unknown is a bit dangerous.

“Is it being done for the good of all cricket, or is Test cricket, four-day cricket, 50-over cricket going to become second, third option or fourth option?

Meanwhile Surrey captain Gareth Batty, said the proposed changes were both “exciting and scary”, adding “I think of it as going back to the Kerry Packer era. This is the biggest moment certainly in English cricket, if not cricket in the world, since that period,” he said.

(Batty was born in October 1977 so might not recall that time too clearly)


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He also says this: “”My concern, which I know a lot of other counties have – those who might not be able to speak about it because they are not in the same financial position …”

Comment by pompeypop

Being ancient as I am I have seen all the “biggest moments in cricket” since the war (1939/45 not 14/18 in case you wondered).
As I remember few have improved the lot of us lovers of “real”
I can not remember a time when I have looked forward to the new season with less enthusiasm.
Oh for those sunny days at Dean Park,

Comment by John white

I have always thought Alec Stewart spoke a lot of common sense and that Gareth Batty spoke the opposite.

No change here then.

Comment by James

Alec Stewart to the point.

Tom Harrison wordy and rather empty.

Thanks to this blog for history-proofing, sunny days at Dean Park and elsewhere.

Comment by stephenfh

Has there been an increase in attendances at 4-day cricket in India and Australia since the introduction of the IPL and Big Bash? Is such an outcome not part of the rationale for the regional T20? Or does the ECB envisage the County Championship being played in ever more empty grounds but kept on life support with the new TV revenue? Any increased awareness of “cricket” seems likely to be restricted to T20s and young players may aspire only to be among the 96 British T20 specialists picked for the new dominant competition. Are there any optimists out there who see any future for real cricket?

Comment by Ian White

If the English Cretins Board had any interest in the championship there would be regular fixtures during the height of the summer – July & August.

As for a future for real cricket I can’t see one until the ECB is disbanded.

Comment by James

Kerry Packer put his own money on the line. The money the ECB are using to destroy Cricket belongs to us.

What we’ve seen is a coup d’etat, pure and simple.

Comment by Jeremy

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