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April 12, 2017, 4:43 pm
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Four days ago I mentioned the Matthew Engel piece in the Guardian which focused on his county, Northants. On Monday their letter page contained a follow-up from a reader, pointing out that the size of the crowds demonstrates the threat to county cricket – he cited a few hundred at the cricket while Northampton’s rugby (Saints) and ‘soccer’ sides attract around 5,000.

Today they published my response to him – I think these two arguments need to be repeated again and again (and again). I suggested that their correspondent did not tell us “how large those crowds would be for matches starting on weekday mornings, nor how many cricket lovers purchase their seats through life or annual memberships”, adding, “we cannot always be there, but the seat has been paid for”.

In my case, as it happens, I’m unlikely to be there (much) but still my seat has been bought (for life) as have my shares.

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TMS announcer Adam Mountford tweeted that 1mn+ listened to the opening round of fixtures on the Beeb last weekend. Doubtless the weather helped, but still an impressively high figure; time for the ECB marketing types to promote existing competitions that will attract the game’s existing audience!

Comment by stephenfh

The simple fact is Championship Cricket costs almost nothing on a marginal cost basis to produce, beyond a pitch, a few balls and T&E for the visiting team.

If you regard gross membership to the counties as being it’s revenue, it comfortably covers those marginal costs, and probably represents way less than 5% of crickets total revenue. For the bedrock that makes everything else possible.

Comment by Jeremy

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