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April 17, 2017, 6:26 pm
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Overs were bowled in the match, with a number of Test bowlers on either side (even allowing for Fidel’s demise). There were no interruptions for the weather, yet this virtually full game did not get into a fourth innings.

Hampshire selected five right arm pace/seam bowlers, while their orthodox slow-left armer has four wickets in 73 overs this season. People will say we start too early to encourage the spinners – and of course we do – but last season, Dawson took just 20 wickets at an average of one every 15 overs, and this year to date he has his wickets at an average of one every 18 overs. Meanwhile Middlesex gave a bowl to their part-time ‘leggie’ Malan, who took two wickets in less than four overs (Dawson in the match 50-14-134-1).

There is no way of knowing whether Crane could have won the match today but it seems to me that Hampshire are ‘playing safe’ on typically flat Ageas Bowl pitches. Is that fair? Is their priority to avoid relegation?


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Yorkshire hardly needed their leggie to beat Warwicks, but Rashid took 3-31in 13 overs in the match.

Comment by pompeypop

Maybe with us facing the reigning County Champions plus their expected biggest challengers twice in the first three games the thoughts are to be sure we don’t lose these games and find ourselves in a relegation fight from the off and that we can be a little bolder when we resume after the first batch of 50 over games and play the supposed “lesser” sides?

It would have been great to have forced the win today but to be honest I’m delighted with a win and a ten point draw from the first two games particularly when we played almost all this game without our main strike bowler and with Rossouw injured.

Comment by James

KJ was suggesting the games should be over 5 days and 3 leagues of 6.

Comment by Paul

That would suit the bosses. Five home games in six months (two in April, two in September and one floodlit). It’s all yours!

Comment by Dave Allen

Plus in good weather 12 of the 15 Championship matches have had a positive result this year – but the Ageas Bowl couldn’t get to a 4th innings. Does that say something?

Comment by Dave Allen

I wasn’t convinced by the argument the commentators put forward. No one questions why FCC is not marketed.

Comment by Paul

If the first innings strike rate, a wicket every 12 overs, had been applied to reduce the wickets available at the start of the second innings, each side would have only had six wickets to play with, and a result would have been very likely.

I don’t see any other solution (5 day CC is one of the worst ideas ever floated) beyond scuffing the pitch up.

Though to be fair, the second new ball created an exciting hour or so, it was only when Murtagh whacked Brad Wheal for those 3 fours that the game expired.

And Roussow looks seriously good!

Comment by Jeremy

I have observed previously that I’m very keen on “scuffing”, by which I mean being less vigilant about bowlers’ following through. Otherwise, increasingly, I struggle to see the purpose of finger spinners (except as in Taunton where pitches are more helpful) unless it’s to reduce the run-rate.

First-class cricket is by far my favourite form, but five right arm pace/seam, bowlers? When I first watched Hampshire, they didn’t have five on the staff, and often played just two plus Jimmy Gray. When we won the title in 1973 we had four, but two (Jesty and Taylor) were all-rounders and it’s a good job none of them were injured because I don’t think we had one reserve paceman!

At least if Topley plays instead of Edwards it will be a change of angle – and the chance of some rough, which might suit Rashid’s googly nicely.

Comment by pompeypop

Here’s one for the statisticians. The Hampshire Cricket website shows Finn Bowled Wheal in the second innings. He was definitely caught Sub. Cricinfo has Goodwin as the catcher, but I asked at the time and was assured the 2 subs were Hay and Holland, with the latter as the catcher. So which one was it? (Might clear it up later at the Nursery Ground 2nd XI match). – And, yes, the situation was crying out for Crane yesterday . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

The radio reckoned Hay which came from the press officer. Defo not bowled.

Comment by Paul

. . and Mrs Hay confirmed it was her lad that took the catch. So that’s cleared up.

Surrey all out at tea. 231 if I remember correctly.

Other ‘news’ from the Arthur Holt pavilion. The door is jammed shut, and the bar is only accessible via the steps down, and the stairs up. Should be fixed, at enormous cost, tomorrow.

Comment by Bob Elliott

2nd XI – Surrey batting, Topley and Stevenson opened the bowling.

Comment by Bob Elliott

109-4 at lunch

Comment by Bob Elliott

Surrey 231 all out
Hampshire 78-4. Smith got 36.
3 wkts for Stevenson and Taylor
2 for Topley
Crane bowled 3 overs….

Comment by John Cottrell

Three overs? Great to see they’re doing everything to make sure Mason is ready to step into the first team (in September)

Comment by pompeypop

Close was 85-5
Taylor bowled 5.4 but took 3 wkts
Woody 7 overs for 47 runs.

Comment by John Cottrell

Many thanks John (& Bob) for the information – presumably Alsop ‘failed’? It seems as if Chris Wood might have a stronger future as a batsman?

Comment by pompeypop

They seem to play any 11 from 12, and the 12th man is really a 13th man. Alsop not in the 13.

Mason Crane
Calvin Dickinson
Ben Duggan
Jake Goodwin
Asher Hart
Fraser Hay
Ian Holland
Will Smith
Ryan Stevenson
Brad Taylor
Reece Topley
Chris Wood
12th Man – Josh McCoy

Comment by Bob Elliott

And the 12th/13th man has batted and bowled!

Comment by James

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