Hampshire Cricket History

April 27, 2017, 10:07 am
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Hampshire first-team players born overseas so far in 2017, with Holland making his debut today. Way, way, way back, we’d have cricketers of the Empire, thoroughly British but born in (say) India, so I’ve no idea (yet) whether it’s a record – although I’m prepared to bet that it is in April!

Bailey to come too.

PS Ref the USA question (in the Comments)Philip Bailey of Cricket Archive has informed Kevan James that two more Hampshire cricketers, TV Hollingworth (played 1929) and JH Hargreaves (1884/5) were both born in New York. In our published records we don’t have a birthplace for either, so they need up-dating.

I blame the Archivist!


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Is Holland our first American?

Comment by Bob Elliott

ALMOST certainly Bob. For years people thought FP Ryan was born in New Jersey – Cricinfo still think so – but that info was changed to India a few years ago. Alan Edwards will know. Incidentally, I’m talking about the USA – isn’t Maracaibo in the American continent? In that case Nick Pocock …

I’m fond of AL Hosie born in China and WH Maudrell born in Japan

Comment by pompeypop

I’m listening to BBC commentary from Canterbury and watching Northants v Warwicks on TV. Almost a local derby (?) and there are at least 10 frozen people on the ground!

Comment by pompeypop

Two overs in the midlands and they’re off for rain. What fun!

Comment by pompeypop

Is Wood injured, only bowled 5.3 overs.

Comment by Paul

Yes – I think a side strain. Off the field

Comment by pompeypop

An injured seam bowler? Surely not!

Comment by James

It’s a laugh! Drizzle at Canterbury, off for rain again at Northants which looks utterly miserable and ‘Carbs’ has gone for nought second ball.

Comment by pompeypop

Can’t think of many worse experiences in cricket than being at Northampton on a wet cold afternoon.
A fitting sentence for those guilty of voting for the new 20/20 ?.

Comment by John white

Hah! Quite right. As you know John, I took my wife Lou to Barbados in her early days watching cricket, plus a couple of Lord’s Finals and a Saturday of Pompey cricket week. Then I bought her an Exec membership for some years, but I always said to her that she couldn’t claim to be a ‘real’ cricket follower without a cold, wet midweek afternoon at Derby or Northampton!

Comment by pompeypop

“Holland first came to notice in 2012 as the winner of the Cricket Superstar reality television show.”

That Simon Cowell gets everywhere ;-))

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

Just back from Canterbury. Well done Alsop and Vince.

Comment by Stephen Saunders

Just back too.

Thought Kent would provide a bit of a stiffer test than they did but shows how well Crane, Dawson, Holland did to restrict. Then how good James Vince was to break the back of their resistance by hitting boundary after boundary and of course Tom Alsop batting all the way through first supporting Vince then leading the way.

Comment by Ian

I’m glad to say that my website has both Hollingworth and Hargreaves as The Boss would say “Born in the USA”. And it’s free to use! Great win yesterday, well batted Tom Alsop and James Vince.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Firstly well done Tigger and secondly, my apologies for not thinking to go straight to it. If you haven’t been there, then you should!

Comment by pompeypop

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