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April 28, 2017, 12:36 pm
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I agree completely with Colin Graves, but I’m with him 100% on this week’s headline


Whether we feel the same about that outcome is of course a different matter.

Meanwhile, in the new edition of The Cricketer, Derek Pringle observes of cricket that “the pursuit of new audiences seems to be the only economic model anyone takes notice of these days”. (As Rod Bransgrove said to a Member at the Forum, “It’s not designed for you sir”**)

Incidentally, inside The Cricket Paper, I read that a certain Tom Barber took 4-41 for Middlesex 2nd XI v Kent 2nd XI. I wonder if it’s the same one?

**PS I missed this one, from your Chairman, speaking to Ivo Tennant in the Cricketer about the changes: “I don’t see the need for seven Tests and 12 Championship matches per county each summer … and I have my doubts about 50-over cricket as well”.

There are people who ask me why I’m disenchanted with county cricket, honestly, there really are. And I thought there were 14 Championship matches, but as I’ve been saying, don’t ever assume it stops there.

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I see no reason for Chairman Bransgrove.

Comment by James

As I’ve said many times before, I don’t enjoy T20. So it looks as if I’ll soon have to start going to village green matches to get my fix. I wonder if I can sell back my Life membership! By the way Hampshire broke 2 records yesterday. It was their highest List A score v Kent and Alsop and Ervine broke the previous best 5th wicket partnership v Kent. Bloody boring this cricket!!

Comment by Tigger MIles

It’s funny you say that – listening yesterday and watching two games on Sky today and yesterday, I was thinking that the 50 over game is now the one format that most resembles the cricket I grew up watching (the Championship is almost completely changed). But if RB – who has significant influence – is expressing “doubts” about that format (which most resembles club cricket) what will be left?

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, the match at Taunton is a cracker right now (5.15pm). Somerset chasing 291 were 22-5 (including Hose from IOW & ex Hants 2nds) but are now 197-5, needing 94 off 119.

Comment by pompeypop

Me too Dave. When I was working the one-day game was the one I watched most. The only championship matches I went to were the ones in Basingstoke. Since retiring I go to most county games but still enjoy the 50 over format. It’s proper cricket compressed into a day (normally). T20 is a different game altogether and not my cup if tea.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Two good Cider county boys saving Somerset.
Elgar and Van der Merwe.

Comment by John white

Well Elgar was a fine English composer!

Comment by pompeypop

Van der Mendips – good local Somerset lad!

Comment by Ageas

Re Tom Barber, David. It is the same one. I was at Radlett and he looked good with the new ball. Would have had 5 wickets but for a dropped catch. He has been coached this winter by Richard Johnson at Middlesex.

Comment by Martin

Cheers Martin. It’s interesting – and sad – that we’ve almost never been able to turn promising youngsters into good pace bowlers. Maybe ‘Tommo’ can work a miracle?

Comment by pompeypop

Only T20 then according to our chairman! Is this the game plan? Perhaps we should just go to baseball!

Comment by Paul

It seems quite extraordinary Paul. Even if he thinks that – despite endlessly protesting his love for ‘red ball’ cricket – why would you say that in interview to a journalist?

Comment by pompeypop

Because you like the sound of your own voice no matter what rubbish it says?

Comment by James

Read a report somewhere that the new t20 tournament is a prelude to review of ECB governance arrangements. Code for all the matters raised in these exchanges? Read Duncan Hamilton’s The Kings of Summer about three weeks ago. Set against the backdrop of last season’s championship decider between Middlesex and Yorkshire at Lord’s it captures everything we cherish about the County Championship. It is just as much about a day at the cricket as the proceedings on the field. Wonderful read, which may rekindle your interest. There’s still so much to enjoy about 4 day cricket if one adopts Hamilton’s holistic approach. Hamilton briefly mentioned about the potentially dark future, but let the matter rest. So pleased that Tom Alsop and Mason Crane performed so well at Canterbury.

Comment by Alan Edwards

Many thanks Alan – he’s a good writer so I’ll take a look. One of the things I’ve been kidding myself about over the past 20 years is the ‘wonder’ of the Bowl. I miss Pompey cricket (and the other old grounds) very much and truth is I never enjoyed going to big stadiums like Edgbaston, Headingley or the Oval (etc) for Championship matches

By contrast I particularly love being somewhere like Hove, walking on grass, sitting in a deck chair, the seagulls, kids on the outfield at lunch … On the other hand, I can’t suddenly start pretending I really CARE about Sussex, can I?

Comment by pompeypop

Can sympathise Dave, Dean Park regulars that were also went through something similar. Some might remember Ken Cholmondely together with his wife and dog. Despite appearances to the contrary, he was a West Midlands businessman who after retirement watched the 100 days plus of Hampshire cricket then with the parents of Robin and Chris Smith when they were playing. Ken became a Rosebowl refusenik but latterly found county cricket he related to at Hove, Being neutral at Lords at the end of last summer was a gift, the trick to neutrality in my experience is just to choose the days carefully.

Comment by stephenfh

Stephen, I remember Ken and Beryl very well indeed. I think I last saw them at Worcester with their picnic hamper and the dog! He was a true Cholmondley wasn’t he? Wise words too about neutrality – many thanks.

Comment by pompeypop

Dave-you do care about the championship and what better way to see than at the traditional grounds? I shall go to Hove, Arundel, Cheltenham and Tunbridge Wells, and probably Worcester and Canterbury this season. I shall go to the Ageas Bowl but it is no longer a priority it once was.

Comment by Alan Edwards

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