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Self, self-sufficiency & selfishness
April 28, 2017, 8:30 am
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Fascinating interview with the very bright Ansari:


County cricketers today are far better cared for than those of 30/40/50 years ago, when they were only employed part-time and most worked in the ‘real world’ during the winter. There are however, significant implications in this interview that this is not wholly an advantage.

Compare that world of today, with an interview with Mike Hill, Hampshire’s reserve wicketkeeper of the 1970s, who, after the premature death of coach Geoff Keith also ran the 2nd XI. This appeared in the latest PCA publication




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If the MIke Hill piece is difficult to read/download I’ll send you a copy. Just email me at dave.allen@port.ac.uk

Comment by pompeypop

Ansari not selfish enough it seems. Can remember operating the scoreboard at DP when Mike Hill was playing for the 2nd XI in front of anything between 5 and about 50 spectators; at the time it seemed like that the players had a pleasant summer occupation, still does really, although for wicket-keepers often a tough exit when the time comes to bid adieu.

Comment by stephenfh

Athers discussed Ansari yesterday at length, worth a look. Basically, cricket, like the world, has become much more conformist, completely contrary to all the chat about individualism etc, and is much worse for it. Athers was obviously a far superior player, but I was left with the impression that he wouldn’t have enjoyed a life in the hinterland-lite dressing rooms of today.

Comment by Jeremy

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