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Feeling Guilty
May 3, 2017, 4:01 pm
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5pm and just home after a very pleasant day, off out again for supper later.

We’ve been to Petworth (an ‘arty’ day) and it’s been a bit grey and chilly, however the sun is now shining in Pompey. I’m watching a bit of our match – very good to see our young ‘leggie’ taking wickets, but boy it looks a bit cold for a floodlit game

And I’m thinking I should have come, to double the attendance!

PS 7pm 34-4, it’s all yours folks!


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The future of men’s cricket?

Comment by Paul

It was EXTREMELY Cold and Windy, very unpleasant indeed. Well avoided!

Comment by Jeremy

8pm 125-6. By the time you get back I`m sure we would have lost. How`s your 50 over interest revival doing? Happy Anniversary by the way, hope you enjoyed the Mc Donalds.

Comment by Brian Scrimshaw

How does DL work? 10 less overs and only 8 less runs.
The other day the first side score 303, the second side needed 312 off 49 overs due to DL. This cannot be right!

Comment by Paul

I’m absolutely bewildered! It’s 9.30pm and we’re just back from supper down the road by the harbour (Camber). Not a lovely evening but no hint of rain (or snow) and I find (a) we’ve been stuffed and (b) we lost on D/L. Why? Did it rain? I cannot find a report anywhere but is this just the latest in my long-running saga of rain at the Ageas Bowl and dry pavements in Pompey? What I can confirm for certain is that playing without a Hampshire-born player in the side is not proving very successful folks.

Comment by pompeypop

Started raining about 8:20, due back at 9:05 and started raining just before that time. Dry in Pompey, strange micro climate at the Bowl.

Comment by Paul

I got home at 9.30 and looked at a weather radar map which showed no rain ANYWHERE in the South of England. Can’t trust this modern technology!

Comment by Bob Elliott

Hope you enjoyed your meal and happy anniversary.

Comment by Paul

Cheers Paul – all good fun. How strange that Bowl climate is!! Not a drop in Pompey

Comment by pompeypop

Just back. Insipid performance from us I thought although it must have been almost as difficult playing cricket as watching it in those conditions.

My congratulations to the total and utter moron who thought it a good idea to play day/night cricket in the first week of May a time of year when it is generally thick coat weather to watch even during the day. If your aim was to discourage people from watching 50 over cricket in general and day/night cricket in particular you have achieved your aim big time.

As we now play practically no Championship cricket during the height of the summer and have to dress like polar explorers to watch 50 over cricket at night in the Spring I am already seriously considering terminating my twenty year Hampshire membership next season and consigning my cricket watching to 2nd XI and club cricket with the odd day watching Championship cricket at the more picturesque non-concrete mausoleum grounds.

Comment by James

You sound ominously like me James! Seeing a few bits on TV last night made me happy not to be there – although as I paid for Life some years ago I can’t quite escape. Day/night? It does seem utter madness – probably TV driven?

Comment by Dave Allen

I think we share the same views on cricket nowadays Dave although you express them far more eloquently (and politely!) than me.

I’m sure TV does play a part in the decision to have some day/night games but there are plenty that don’t have TV coverage so I don’t think those that arranged them can use this as an excuse.

Comment by James

I am sure that I have never ever been so cold at a Hants match

Comment by Peter Jeffs

There was from the commentary an interesting observation that the Middlesex bowlers put more effort in than ours.
I wonder if bowling on unresponsive, unhelpful pitches such as the Ageas Bowls creates a situation where one struggles for high levels of intensity, albeit subconsciously.

Comment by Paul

It’s interesting to hear this was mentioned on commentary. When we were in the field yesterday I said to my friend that the game was dead and there was almost an acceptance that Middlesex would score 300 and then the game would start when we began the chase.

Comment by James

If Hampshire produce flat, dead pitches in the Championship they have to play accordingly. But to do so deliberately in any limited overs game is just bizarre. I’m not sure that the best limited overs matches have to be played on a batsman’s paradise but there should be life of some kind surely? Unless, as with the scheduling (month and time of day) it’s another strategy to shrink every alternative to the T20?

Comment by pompeypop

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