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May 3, 2017, 8:03 am
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Actually I’m off out today – Wedding Anniversary – but I decided to check up on other teams in matches this week, to discover how many players they fielded who were born in their county – plus elsewhere in the UK and overseas. In the latter category I’m including everyone – it’s a sort of Cowdrey, Dexter, Paul Terry ‘catch-all’ regardless of circumstances of birth, so for example Sam Hain who was born in Hong Kong is overseas.

I haven’t done the whole survey yet and I understand that I’m picking on this week somewhat arbitrarily, but from what I’ve done so far there is at least an interesting result in terms of who might head the list of home-grown

Have a guess, and I’ll reveal some stats in the first Comment. I’ll complete the survey and let you know the results (it’s not looking promising for Hampshire, if we assume local players are a ‘good thing’!)


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I think I expected Yorkshire to have the most and I wondered about Durham until I spotted that their first three were all South Africans. Nonetheless they fielded seven of their own this week, while Yorkshire had six, plus Plunkett, born Middlesborough which was in Yorkshire but he came on a transfer so I didn’t count him. Heading the list so far however, are Lancashire with eight players born within their borders, two overseas and one from elsewhere in the UK.

Comment by pompeypop

Notts are a bit rubbish. There are three born in the county in this week’s XI, but two of them, Broad and Gurney, were pinched from Leics. Jake Ball is ‘legit’ and so too Luke Fletcher who has been in the Championship side, but they haven’t got many.

Comment by pompeypop

Yours truly is currently doing a comment piece on this and related at the moment….in the 18 county squads there are about 100 contracted to the counties of their birth, getting on for a third of the English qualified players. Non-English qualified are about a quarter of the total, % state school educated players not a happy total.

Will post the summaries at bythesightscreen.com later in a few days.

Comment by stephenfh

Excellent – many thanks Stephen. Just a thought here – and partly why I’m looking at teams in the field – I did start a similar count some years ago through Playfair. I found it slightly misleading in that for obvious reasons, promising young contracted players are more frequently born locally. For example Hampshire have currently listed in Playfair, Duggan (IOW), McCoy (Portsmouth), Brad Taylor (Winchester) and Weatherley (Winchester) who between them might not play in the first team all season. I have no issue with our Academy bringing through youngsters, from elsewhere in the UK, especially adjacent minor counties (Dawson, Vince, McManus, Alsop etc) but it would be nice to find a Hampshire-born player occasionally!

Comment by pompeypop

Hello Stephen, I have seen comments by you before and wondered whether you are who I think you are! A look at bythesightscreen.com has confirmed my speculation (assuming that there is not more than one person with your name who has been following Hampshire for a long time!). We go back a long way, to Dean Park in the 60s and 70s. I have also re-established contact with others via David’s excellent blog. I will contact you via your website. All the best.

Comment by Tim Driscoll

A friend of mine suggested last week that there should be a South Africa team playing in the 50 over competition similar to the Unicorns who used to appear. They would certainly not be short of players!

Comment by James

It would be interesting to know where Hants were placed in a 1973 league table of first team players born within each county.

Comment by Ian White

Of the 13 who played in the championship side, 4 were Hampshire born; Jesty, Sainsbury, Lewis and Herman. The later though came from Middlesex. Rice, although Hampshire born came via Surrey, only played in the JPL.
Yorkshire will have fielded all yorkies at this time.

Comment by Paul

Paul is spot-on there Ian. This is a pretty quick count that is ‘close enough’ from the Wisden first-class averages for 1973 that listed birthplaces – so Hampshire 4 (plus Rice in JPL). Yorkshire way out ahead with 20, then Lancs & Glams with 12 each, Derbys & Warwicks with nine each, Middlesex eight, Essex & Surrey seven each, Kent six, Gloucs five, Hants, Leics, Sussex, Worcs four each, Somerset three and Northants none.

Derbys are interesting. In 1988, when Hampshire beat Derbys at Lord’s, Jon Ayling was the ONLY man on either side born in their respective county. Jesty had gone prematurely in 1984, Aymes, Udal, Ian Turner, Darren Flint were looming.

PS Beg their pardons but ALSO of course home-grown Richard Scott and Tony Middleton

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally it is perhaps worth considering those first-class figures as a percentage. Yorkshire had 100% but 20 from 20. Hampshire had four (ignoring Rice) from just 13 (30%) whereas Sussex had four from 17, Leics four from 18, Worcs four from 19 etc. Meanwhile in this year’s Playfair Hampshire list 26 players not including Holland who has already played.

Comment by pompeypop

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