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Hants ‘Nil Points’
May 4, 2017, 8:54 am
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But they’re not alone. I mentioned Northants having no home-born players in 1973 – well they didn’t have any this week either. Hampshire fielded four born overseas (Bailey, Ervine, Berg and Abbott) and seven born elsewhere in the UK, while Northants had three overseas and eight ‘elsewhere’.

Remember this is (a) somewhat arbitrary, one match, 50 overs, this week and (b) overseas is literally everyone, so, for example Benny Howell, born in France of British parents, working abroad (etc). If fit, Hampshire might have played Rossouw, Wheal and/or Edwards this week, increasing their overseas contingent. It’s interesting that two Isle of Wight-born players appeared this week, but no one born in Hampshire (for anyone).

Derbys, Gloucs, Middlesex and Somerset managed just one each, although, as with Hampshire, there are players from adjacent minor counties, which seems perfectly fine. In the match last night, Patel was the only player on either side from within the county boundaries (assuming Middlesex still exists!).

Leics and Surrey had two each and Essex two plus two from east London. Like Durham, Essex have home-grown guys who have ‘defected’ (Foakes, Topley, Borthwick, Stoneman etc).

Notts, Sussex, Warwicks and Worcs have four born within the county, plus Kent who also have one from south London (and Coles missed this match). Then we come to the top three:

Lancashire 8

Yorkshire 6

Glamorgan 5

It would be interesting to add to this, how many players some teams have signed from other counties – particularly established players. Surrey, for example have Batty, Borthwick, Foakes, Footitt and Stoneman


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I know this is something close to your heart but I think you need to factor in the increased movement of people/families.

How many people in other walks of life are still working in the county they were born in?

As a supporter do you choose the county of your birth or the county that you were in when cricket first entered your life? Maybe in the time of more media coverage young people will follow the big names they want to be (as in football – how many Manchester United fans live in Manchester?). I don’t want cricket to follow football in any way, shape or form but if the likes of Joe Root can encourage more youngsters to the game would it matter if they became Yorkshire supporters?

For me, having always lived in Hampshire (since birth) there was only ever one choice. Also, as I still work, if I want to see cricket it needs to be local. But, I have a passing interest in other sides that include individuals I support or teams I have met (more recently the Northants team).

They may not be a team of Hampshire born players but to me there are more than enough that have committed a substantial, if not all, their playing days to the side.

Comment by joster69

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