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I guess you knew
May 12, 2017, 9:38 pm
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The format of the Royal London Cup

I’ve just discovered from Tigger that I didn’t

I figured with quarter finals and semi finals, four teams would qualify, but I was wrong:

“The winner of each group will progress straight to a semi-final match with the second and third placed teams playing a quarter-final match against a team from the other group. The winner of each quarter-final will play one of the group winners in a semi-final. Final: 1 July at Lords”

You can see the logic; get as many teams as possible knocked out by mid-May so they can concentrate on what matters.

Would it have made a HUGE difference to let four teams qualify and have normal quarters and semis?

Anyway that means my thought that one win would do for Hampshire is probably wrong – who knows?

PS: Did you spot another century yesterday from a former Hampshire 2nd XI player? Adam Hose of Somerset, who has been in excellent form, in their victory over Gloucs that secures their place in the knock-out stages (barring huge goal difference changes)



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By “what matters” I mean of course, T20. For 12 sides, not 10, the 50 over season will be over by next Wednesday.

Comment by pompeypop

To go through with one win is very difficult. firstly, it would have to be Sussex who we beat. Secondly, the Surrey defeat would have to be quite close to preserve our better run-rate. Finally, Gloucestershire need to beat both Surrey and Sussex. At least I think that’s correct. Better to win both!

Comment by Tigger Miles

That’ll do it Tigger!

I’d like to say how grateful I am to Tigger for his splendid records website. Through a variety of odd circumstances my first Hospital radio stint of 2017, yesterday, saw me commentate through the whole of the second half of our innings on my own. I was speaking at times while trying to take photos through the window.

Then I discovered that my subscription to Cricket Archive is not (yet?) set up to access it through the IPad I was using yesterday. So it was on to Tigger’s site, where I found what I suppose is that slightly obscure record of equalling our best stand for any wicket in List A v a first-class side (and there were other things too). So cheers Tigger – magnificent is not too strong a word.

Comment by pompeypop

Hardly anyone (including me) seems to have been aware of a couple of changes in county cricket regulations until recently: 1.the change to the qualifiers from the group stage of the RL Cup (3 instead of 4) and 2. the ability to make up 8 overs of lost time in the County Championship on following days instead of just the same day. Does anyone know which is the best website for publicising such changes and also are there any others which may have slipped under the radar?

Comment by Ian White

I’m glad I’m not alone Ian. I tried the ECB website first which didn’t help, but ‘googling’ RL Cup on Wikipedia got the quote I used and lots more.

Comment by pompeypop

I picked up on the change to allow half an hour’s lost play to be carried forward when I heard Kevin Howells taking about it during one of the recent Radio Five Extra commentaries. As I missed some of the discussion I searched the internet and had a devil of a job finding any details. I did eventually but I’m afraid I can’t remember where.

What I did discover is that this can only happen on days two and three – not on the last day – and you can only add a maximum of thirty minutes in total to any days play.

Comment by James

Ive just noticed that our game on Weds is day/night but Saints are home to Man Utd.

Comment by Dave Allen

I think incidentally that this is not Hampshire’s fault. It appears all the games that day are starting at the same time, presumably to avoid collusion. I assume it will impact on the attendance, particularly if there’s nothing hanging on our game

Comment by pompeypop

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