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May 14, 2017, 2:28 pm
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I’ve made a cheeky comment below. Some of you might have noticed my desire to see a local guy or two in the team

I will say this however. If you believe the future of team-building in county cricket is through the cheque book then you have every right to demand fairly regular above-average performances from your instant signings

That being the case, two of them have certainly produced that in our first innings today and meanwhile Sussex aren’t going well.

PS ‘Strange but True”. Hampshire have played almost 1,000 List A matches. In the past three matches, Rossouw, Vince and Bailey have posted scores which are in the list of the highest 20 scores from all those games (and the highest 13 v first-class sides).

In addition, they have set two all-time partnership records for the fourth and eighth wickets.

Despite which …

PS (5.45pm) – Sussex have lost. It seems that we shall lose (possibly rain D/L).

If so, on Wednesday:

We MUST win

Surrey MUST lose

We would then be level on (a) points and (b) wins and it will come down to run-rate. We started today ahead of Surrey but I reckon that the size of Surrey’s probable victory might reverse that. There again, on Weds, if they lose and we win, that will improve our run-rate chances.

And if that doesn’t happen – who cares?

PS That last comment doesn’t sound right! I don’t mean I don’t care – I mean if all hope has gone, forget it, and move on to the next thing (the Championship)


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NB I’m ignoring Glamorgan because their run rate is very poor, even if they win today v Kent – it looks tight.

Comment by pompeypop

Glamorgan won but it was tight. HOWEVER, I’ve just seen a dodgy forecast for Wednesday in the south (on BBC). If it rains, and no result, we go out.

Comment by pompeypop

Ex-Hampshire today: Matt Coles had a good day, but Kent didn’t win; neither of Hants two ex-keepers Rouse & Wheater played; Adam Hose got a twenty-odd but Somerset lost, and Danny Briggs was ‘out-bowled’ by Benny Howell (two wkts) in the Sussex v Gloucs match.

Comment by pompeypop

Glamorgan’s Ingram got another century today and is highest scorer this season in the RL Cup, followed by James Vince. Mason Crane is Hampshire’s only regular bowler in top 50 averages – but I still don’t know why Sean Ervine didn’t bowl!

Comment by pompeypop

Sean Ervine was warming up in front of me and I thought he was coming on. Alas, he was just cold, as was I when the sun went in.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Surrey’s run-rate is +0.1 and ours is -0.1. If we win and Glos do us a favour against Surrey then we still need to turn it round. If both matches are close then that won’t happen. So not only do we need to win, we need to win well and then hope Glos win. If the rain does come as forecast then we’re out.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Your question as to why we batted didn’t seem to get much of an answer on the radio. It seems to me, barring unusually favourable bowling conditions, it’s always best to chase, for the simple reason that you don’t have to guess what a good score is, and you know exactly how much risk to take to pace your chase.

Looking at the tourny so far, 60 results are split 30/30 between runs and wickets victories.

Sides batting first and making 300 have won 19 times out of 26 (so sub 300 scores lose 23 times out of 34).

None of the 300+ scores have been made by Surrey, or at the Oval (3 games before today). We’ve only made 300 once, and lost, and more than half our runs came from our 54 year highest individual score.

Basically don’t bat first if you’re not very confident of making 300, because you’ll lose if you don’t more than two thirds of the time.

Of course, it’s just this years data, but all the same the data doesn’t make the decision easier to understand, does it?

Comment by Jeremy

Indeed not Jeremy – and thanks for all that info. We seemed to have done quite well chasing and poorly on Friday, defending so I was surprised. At least I asked early in the game so it’s not just wise after the event.

I did suggest yesterday that I’d have picked Berg today for Ervine (rather than Holland), Sean is apparently not in great ‘nick’ and not bowling at all. As for Topley or Edwards – neither have had great tournaments and I wonder if Jimmy Adams should return for Alsop who’s had a run of single figure scores. They have to get all that right on Wednesday, and hope.

Comment by pompeypop

Thank you and goodnight? Can`t think there will be any play on Wednesday looking at the weather forecast !

Comment by Brian.JS

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