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Only Once
May 16, 2017, 4:07 pm
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If the weather prevails, or Sussex win – or indeed Surrey win in Bristol – then Hampshire’s List A season will conclude tomorrow on 17 May

Only once has Hampshire’s List A season finished that early in the season, even in the years when there was just one, instant knock-out competition. The earlier occasion was 2003, when Sussex knocked Hampshire out in their first List A match that year, on 7 May – and that of course was the year that launched the T20.

Meanwhile George Bailey is reported on the BBC as saying Hampshire have not played that well yet in ‘one-day’ games but “the tide should turn at some stage”. If the forecast is right, they might have to negotiate the tide tomorrow, but if Hampshire go out, it will be too late for their fortunes to change. Bailey added, “I’m not sure we deserve to qualify.”

PS The current BBC forecast suggests it will rain throughout the match, heavily at times, not stopping until around 9pm


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So it’s a NO from me ….. I don’t remember the last time I decided not to attend a List “A” game .. it was always “I’ll go, even if it is only for lunch”.

Comment by John West

I can’t blame you John. I’m on the Hospital broadcast schedule tomorrow, otherwise I’d be at home too.

Comment by pompeypop

We’ve dependent on the weather which is unusual for us, watched rain many a time at the Bowl.

Comment by Paul

I don’t normally listen to the forecast, been wrong so many times. But today looks pretty certain. A start looks unlikely, let alone a finish.

Comment by Tigger Miles

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