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It’s all over now
May 17, 2017, 4:17 pm
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There are now 134 days left of the county season and – unless you are a fan of T20 – just six home Championship matches (24 days) to come.

Here’s a strange thing. On this very day in 1961, I watched Lancashire bowling at Portsmouth. It was a school day so I went at lunchtime and after school, as Jimmy Gray hit a century.

It was my first sight of cricket in 1961 (my first as a junior member) and as now, including that game, there were six matches to come at Portsmouth alone. They were three-day games of course and one was against Oxford University but it was also more concentrated, with the season ending three weeks earlier than it does now.

There were other matches at Southampton, Bournemouth and Cowes of course and I remember for sure that I went to Southampton to see Kent and the ‘Aussies’ – maybe others too?


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You were allowed to leave school premises during the lunch break, heaven forbid…

Comment by John Cottrell

Regularly – swimming by Portsmouth Harbour, watching cricket, just wandering about some days!

Comment by pompeypop

Sorry to spoil your evening Dave, but we only have 5 championship matches left (max 20 days). If like me you don’t follow T20 then that’s not a lot of cricket. 2 matches in June, none in July, one in August and 2 in September.

Comment by Tigger MIles

If only we had a summer sport to watch eh Tigger?

Comment by James

Oops! Living in the past again. It’s thrilling stuff isn’t it? And our Chairman recently quoted as doubting the point of 12 matches per season!

Comment by pompeypop

I doubt the point of our Chairman.

Comment by James

Between June 5 and September 5, if Hampshire played half the time, and so a quarter at home, there could be about 18,000 overs of daytime competitive cricket at the Bowl.

A rough calculation suggests there’ll be just 680 overs of daytime competitive cricket, plus 368 overs of floodlit, and 384 vs SA ‘A’. And 140 overs of Internationals.

Comment by Jeremy

Whoops, obviously too early for my calcualtor… 90 x 96 = 8640, so the max is only 2,160… but the point remains we’re only athird of that, playing only a quarter of the time.

Comment by Jeremy

I guess it`s a ploy to bombard members with the next season`s membership before the end of the current one and of course before any fixture lists have been published or organised thereby getting people to commit without knowing the poor spread of games likely to ensue. I wonder how many “life” members would have been renewing annually if such a scheme didn`t exist?

Comment by Brian.JS

The 2nd’s are playing. 30-0 after 4. Alsop and Smith opened . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Alsop huh? Does that mean he’s out of the Championship side again, I wonder … or is it limited overs? They’re going well (past 100-0 now)

Comment by pompeypop

Rain delay at the ‘Bowl, so back home. Hampshire to announce new T20 overseas ‘star’ at 6pm. Our first Indian? (I’m only gueesing – no ‘inside info’!)

Comment by Bob Elliott


Sorry – not PC I guess

I can’t bear the suspense …

Comment by pompeypop

It’s Afridi . . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

It is a 50 overs game. Will Smith top scored AGAIN (80+). Aussies, Hay and Holland got 50s, Brad Taylor 40-odd, Alsop 36 – he’s dropped for the trip to Essex (Adams & Carberry are in). No sign of injured bowlers, Wheal or Stevenson for 2nd XI.

Comment by pompeypop

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