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May 17, 2017, 9:36 am
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Nick asks, not unreasonably, about the rules and regs for shortened matches, so I thought I’d check it out. I went first to the ECB’s Royal London Cup site. Lots of tables, pictures & reports – did you know for instance that Jonathan Trott played a fine innings in the Final to win it for Warwickshire?


Oh yes, of course. That was last year

But if you can find the rules and regs governing rain-affected matches, you’re cleverer than me. Having given up on the ECB (again), I ‘googled’ all sorts of different possible phrases and found absolutely nothing. There again, what business is any of that, of those us who just pay to watch?

The only thing I can tell you, in a season of very little interference so far, is that the shortest D/L first innings stopped in the 22nd over, so I guess it must be either 20, or maybe 10 overs and they probably count back from 9.30, so 20 overs each, plus a short interval probably means a 6.30 (ish) start)

If anyone knows better, please let us know

In the meantime, it’s been raining in Pompey since 10am, so maybe it’s all irrelevant.


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Three interesting news items from today’s Times: cricket will return to free-to-air television in 2020 which will thrill everyone who loves T20 (but “it’s not designed for you, sir”); Arsenal announced their attendance last night as 59,510 which included all tickets sold – but the Times suggests the real attendance was more like 30,000, so why don’t county cricket clubs include all members in their attendance figures? Finally, while Worcs, Yorks & Notts progressed from the northern group, Durham failed to because of their two points deduction.

Comment by pompeypop

The route to “The Regulations” from the ECB home page.
On the LH menu select “More” “Governance” “Regulations” “International & County” “First Class County” and then, if you are still sane, select the competition you want. I will let someone else try to interpret the bits about rain affected matches.

Comment by John West

Incidentally, if you want to read “The Laws”, you need to go to the MCC/Lord’s website.

Comment by John West

Thanks John–very useful. I’d never have found this otherwise!

Comment by Ian White

Thanks John and well done. The simple answer is a minimum of 10 overs each. Every over is allocated 4.2 minutes, so 20 overs = exactly 84 mins to which we must add an interval, however short. Let’s guess at 100 mins total.

It says the finish time is normally 9.45pm. If so, I guess they could start as late as 8pm (?).

The rain, however, is still very heavy in Pompey and I believe we’re getting what they’re getting.

Comment by pompeypop

. . . and don’t go to Basingstoke. Match abandoned.

Comment by Bob Elliott

The most recent BBC forecast suggests the rain should disappear by 8pm, at which point I guess they’d only need about three days to ‘mop up’!

Comment by pompeypop

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