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“Not Acceptable”
May 21, 2017, 6:14 pm
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Not my verdict ( I just caught up from time-to-time by ‘phone on a delightful day out)

It’s what Coach Craig White said.

It’s hard to disagree – and on a different topic, “not acceptable” will be my next theme on here

PS I am sorry I got over excited about our top six ‘Test’ batsmen. I just assumed about Rousseau, but after this game maybe he should stick to philosophy.

Anyway, I thought. maybe it’s the first Top Six ‘Internationals’ ever

But no, my first doubt and hunch proved not just correct but was actually a Top Seven! On that occasion (2005) at Lord’s we won the C&G Trophy with: Pothas, Crawley, Ervine, Pietersen, Watson, Mascarenhas and Bichel!

So not the first international Top Six at all – but they were still rubbish, weren’t they?


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Comment by Paul

So bad no one else is commenting.

Comment by Paul

I’ve just got home Paul and thought you guys have been very quiet. It’s horrid isn’t it?

Comment by pompeypop

Just back from Hove where I saw another of our former overseas players Danny Briggs (you try getting to the Isle of Wight on foot!) get a wicket with his first ball. It rather went downhill for him after that. In the end Sussex’s South Africans and West Indians had a pretty good day although their local born players Nash (two horrendous drops at slip) and Finch (first ball duck) didn’t help their cause much.

As for our performance today at Chelmsford where we apparently lost thirteen wickets before tea there isn’t much to say other than pathetic is there?

We have enthused about recent one-day innings by Vince, Rossouw and Bailey played on perfect batting wickets but once again on a more challenging wicket giving the bowlers some assistance we were found wanting. I can only imagine this will continue to be the case whilst so little importance is placed on four day cricket starting at the very top of our corporate club. “You made a pair in the championship? Never mind thrash a few fifties past short boundaries in the upcoming T20 games and all will be forgiven. No one watches championship cricket anyway”.

Comment by James

Maybe the first “First three all England Test players?”

Those 7 from 2005 must break some kind of record for total birth distance from a County HQ?!

Comment by Jeremy

And you could add Southern Africans Latouf and Lamb!

Meanwhile I think I’ve started something. England top three? I’m not sure but we’d need to check in the 1920s, George Brown, Kennedy, Mead and Tennyson – then in the early 1930s before they retired, add John Arnold. And in 1980s/early 1990s, CL & RA Smith, Terry and Gower?

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, here’s your next starter for ten: Why did Hampshire loan Joe Weatherley to Kent’s 2nd XI?

Comment by pompeypop

It’s an interesting question. To be fair Weatherley started in Kent’s Championship side and was then ill and missed games and hasn’t been able to get back in presumably due to their good form.

Comment by James

Sat here in my hotel room in Essex (having booked a night too many !) I’m trying hard to put a positive on the match.
One day 1 batting was easy, only 2 wickets fell.
On days 2 and 3, 28 wickets fell. Batting was a nightmare. Therefore we just got the toss wrong. (Or we picked the wrong team !!)

Comment by Ken Berridge

Cheers Ken. Maybe it wasn’t SO easy on Day One. Cook is special, Westley lucky to survive appeal on nought, Edwards injured, needed Topley not Crane (or Topley not Ervine)? Didn’t bowl well until second morning – Plus the batting was mostly rubbish I guess – McManus & Abott (first inns) excepted? (thoughts from a distance of course)

Comment by Dave Allen

Spent yesterday on planet football where 9th place can send supporters home happy. Over a season certain games, (3-0 up 20 minutes to go, a draw, or 10 men at Old Trafford, also drawn) seem to be felt for a while.

Just a thought that Hants have been getting over the Glams match just lately.

Comment by stephenfh

Ref Stephen’s very interesting point – I wonder whether that’s the difference between teams that win things and teams that finish ninth? If he’s right, who at Hampshire can get hold of them this week, and shake it out of them?

Comment by pompeypop

Let’s get Paul Cook look what did to Pompey after losing to Crewe!

Comment by Paul

Think Will Smith should be recalled . .


Comment by Bob Elliott

He can’t do much more Bob can he? Runs every time. There again Tom and Jimmy have been OK when called upon. Drop ‘Carbs’, Bailey & Rossouw perhaps? I doubt it! Meanwhile Holland too is doing consistently well too …

Comment by pompeypop

. . Weatherley has just come on to bowl.

Comment by Bob Elliott

I notice that Adams & Alsop opened and both failed, Smith has another hundred, Holland is just four away and apart from Weatherley, loaned out to bowl against Hampshire (!), Adam Riley, another ‘promising’ spinner, has gone at six-an-over

Comment by pompeypop

Thanks for the updates Dave. Absolutely no news of the 2nd XI game on the Corporate website (although the fixtures section does show us playing 2nd Xi games at Kent and at home to Glamorgan simultaneously at the moment) but there is the important news that Beefy’s has launched a new menu so all is well.

Comment by James

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