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Even Stiffer & South Africans
May 24, 2017, 11:05 am
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Midday – Weatherley went almost immediately this morning; Salisbury has two, and there are four down, with Kent still way behind.

Despite everything, during the winter, I worked with the guys who are now running Heritage on a new wall display, required prior to this week’s international as a tribute to our South Africans. Some of you contributed to the detail – for which many thanks.

It’s up now and if you can get in there it’s on the wall of the Robin Smith suite. This doesn’t show the detail, but it gives you an idea




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This is all well and good Dave but can we please have some news about Beefy’s? I am really concerned about how well the new menus are doing and there has been absolutely no news about this on the official website since Monday!

Comment by James

I share your concern James, I’ll be alerting the new generation of Hampshire historians to ensure they add this to the season’s records. Meanwhile just after 4.30, Kent 2nd XI, eight down, are just 50 behind. It’ll be hot work.

Comment by pompeypop

Salisbury has four wickets but (5.30) Kent are just ahead now with one wicket to fall, and could save it

Comment by pompeypop

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