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There may be trouble ahead …
May 25, 2017, 7:34 am
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So who do you think will play in Taunton? Tony Middleton? ‘Tommo’?

Meanwhile, I did mention that Mrs A and I went to Somerset on Sunday, avoiding the events at Chelmsford. While there, I got some information about a new overseas signing by Somerset, who takes the new ball:



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Hampshire’s 6th wicket partnership record of 411 v Somerset (Poore & Wynyard) is an English county record for that wicket

It is one of only 11 (of 180) record partnerships for each wicket in English county cricket that were set in the 19th century and still stand today. Three are by WG Grace (plus one) at Gloucs, and Yorkshire have two still (5th & 8th). Somerset’s first wicket record is still from 19th century

I’m trying to discover where our 411 sits in any list for that wicket world-wide. I know it’s not a world record for the 6th, but I cannot find out how many have exceeded it.

Incidentally, I gave up on line and did this in the old-fashioned way, through the Playfair Annual

In our mammoth innings, the Somerset wicketkeeper did not concede one bye! Perhaps nothing passed the bat …

Comment by pompeypop

In 3rd in the list of 6th wkt partnerships behind 487 and 428. It’s about joint 71st highest for any wicket. The highest ever partnership for any wicket is 624 (3rd wkt) in 2006. This is the only partnership of 600+.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Sorry I meant It’s 3rd !!

Comment by Tigger Miles

Thanks Tigger, but how do you find that? It seems to me that Cricinfo only publish the highest, Cricket Archive don’t seem to list partnerships except for specific sides (I’m in correspondence with them) etc.

Comment by pompeypop

Cricinfo stats Dave. Having trouble posting the link so am posting it in three parts. Just link them all together without spaces or any connecting characters:


Comment by James

I did reply, not sure what happened. Anyway the link sent by James is the one I used

Comment by Tigger Miles

Adams and Holland not in Second XI Trophy match v Kent today.
Alsop and Smith are….what does Smith have to do to get into First XI….he needs to replace Ervine…
Taylor got 81 in 228-6 with few overs left.

Comment by John Cottrell

Or Carberry, who looked dreadfully out of touch at Chelmsford

Comment by Paul

I agree John but I think Will needs to be 21 – or foreign of course.

Comment by pompeypop

As much as I would love to see Will Smith in the side after scoring so many runs it is frustrating that Sean Ervine appears to be everyone’s “must drop”. If you discount the Essex match (where runs were scarce for all the batsmen) Sean’s last two championship innings have been 48 & 53 so hardly failing. And last year would have been much worse without the runs he scored.

Comment by joster69

I agree entirely Jo.

Comment by James

You’re quite right about last year Jo, but on that basis Alsop should play. For me the main issue is the balance of the side – he’s having to bowl but has taken 1-156 in the Championship this year so he’s really only playing as a batsman. You’re also right about the 48 & 53 but preceding those were 0 & 8 plus three single figure scores in the last three of the 50 over stuff. In all his 11 completed innings this year he has just that one half-century which is hardly sufficient for a specialist batsman.

Mind you, this is not helped by the fact that (also in the top six) Dawson has one half century in 12 completed innings and Carberry just the 98 against Middx. That leaves Hampshire relying on the other three – and they managed 49 between them in six visits at Chelmsford.

Drop the lot!

Comment by pompeypop

2nd XI update: Chris Sole hit the fourth ball of the last over for four taking Hampshire to 279-8. Since then, I have listened to a complete track by the Byrds and now I’m halfway through one by Crosby, Stills & Nash and nothing’s happened so I guess it must be rain stopped play. Tom Alsop was out for six, Will only made 26 this time, Brad Taylor top-scored with 81 and Asher Hart hit 72 – does he have any future?

Incidentally the trio have finished and it’s Jefferson Airplane’s turn but still no advance on the score. It’s like a Raymond Chandler mystery about a bloke missing two balls … (sorry Jo)

Comment by pompeypop

Hampshire 279 all out – source “Total Cricket Scorer”

Comment by John West

Cheers John. Two early wickets for Salisbury but no sign of Weatherley …

Comment by pompeypop

Kent need 104 in 16 overs with five wickets left. hart has two and Taylor one and Weatherley is not playing

Many thanks to James and Tigger for the IT lesson! Cheers guys.

Comment by pompeypop

Kent won by 2 wickets.

Comment by Bob Elliott

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