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May 26, 2017, 8:09 pm
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I guess if you’re going to the ODI tomorrow, you won’t need one, and maybe Hampshire will bowl on the second morning as they did last week at Chelmsford.

But in case we need to think about something other than Taunton, here’s a fiendishly difficult question for any footy followers out there on FA Cup Final Day. I won’t see tomorrow’s game as I have a gig but that’s OK, although for decades I loved FA Cup Final day – especially as a kid

The first one I ever saw (on TV) was in 1959: Nottingham Forest 2 Luton Town 1 (my mum was a Nottinghamshire girl)

And the question? There is something specific about that match which (I am reliably informed) has only occurred in two other FA Cup Finals since then – and it will not apply tomorrow. What is it?

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I’m pretty sure Liam Dawson’s only five wicket Championship haul in the past two years was at Taunton in 2015 – five for lots!

Comment by pompeypop

Roy Dwight broke his leg and was carried off?

Comment by Paul

No subs of course!

Comment by Paul

Both correct and he was Elton John’s uncle (?) but nope, because what I’m looking for only happened twice more and once in this century.

Comment by Dave Allen

Both teams fielded an unchanged line up for all rounds of the cup. Including the final.

Comment by Tigger Miles

It could be true, in which case that’s another answer but it’s not mine. And do you know the two other instances? A clue? In that period, 1959-2017, there have been three FA Cup finals contested by Hampshire teams and ONE of those three is one of the other two instances (sadly nothing to do with a bloke from Pompey scoring the winner!)

Comment by pompeypop

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