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One Change
May 26, 2017, 9:56 am
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And only one. The 10 fit players from Chelmsford are given the chance to redeem themselves with Topley in for Edwards and the one local lad Adams still on the bench. As Bob reports, we’re batting – presumably, since they tossed, what we wanted.

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12.22 and the first bonus point … Weatherley in the Kent XI but not opening

Comment by pompeypop

Not quite going to plan though 62/4.

Comment by Paul

That was quick! Last Hampshire player to make three consecutive Championship ducks? (I don’t think tail enders should count, my bet is Richard Scott)

Comment by pompeypop

Richard Scott played a University game, then made his Championship debut v Essex at Pompey in 1988, opening and making a ‘pair’. They kept him in for the second match of the Pompey week and in his only innings v Derbys he made nought again. Given another chance, he went to the Saffrons, scoring 5 & 58. (We could do with a 58 today). I saw those three noughts – he looked devastated and walked off the wrong way although maybe deliberately as he headed towards the rugby bar.

Comment by pompeypop

Leach getting wickets with spin on first morning!

Comment by Peter Jeffs

All eight wickets (at time of writing) to spin.

Has a Hampshire batsman ever been dismissed three times without scoring in five balls?

Comment by James

It like Noah’s Arc, 2 by 2. Every time we lose a wicket another goes on the same score.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Call the inspector!

Comment by Paul

Surely they must make some batting changes after this debacle!?

Comment by moggahooller

I agree, we need to do something to stop the rot.425 runs for 30 wkts is relegation form. The optimism after the first 3 matches has gone.

Comment by Tigger MIles

I guess after three decent Championship performances and one horrendous one when so many failed you could argue that we shouldn’t panic and those that failed should be given another chance.

However having listened to some of the comments from those who witnessed our “batting” it seems there was very little application with many wickets falling to very poor shots. Much as was witnessed at Chelmsford. Obviously there is still time during this game for reputations to be salvaged but at the moment I reckon there are only two certainties for Warwickshire next week – Abbott and McManus.

Two years ago Berg had virtually won Player of the Year by the end of June. I reckon Abbott has beaten him by a month this season.

Comment by James

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