Hampshire Cricket History

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May 27, 2017, 2:33 pm
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Utterly bizarre stuff going on at Taunton – who knows which way it’s going?**

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to go out soon for an early evening Bank Holiday gig for non-sports lovers, so I had better reveal what I believe to be the answer to my quiz and then give you an easier, related challenge.

Since Nottingham Forest v Luton Town in the FA Cup Final of 1959, I believe there have been just two further finals without a side from either London or Lancashire (sometimes both). Today, it’s London v London

Can you name the two Finals?

**84-0, became 140-6 and is now 204-6.

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2008 Portsmouth v Cardiff was one, the other one I had to look up so will let someone else get it.

Comment by Ian

Leeds v Sunderland in 73 although pedants would claim that in more recent years Manchester and Wigan are in Greater Manchester and Liverpool is in Merseyside and so not in Lancashire.

I still regard Bournemouth as being in Hampshire!

Comment by James

That’s it James. Ignore the pedants! I agree with you

Comment by pompeypop

Interesting to compare that almost complete dominance (it pretty much applies to the Premiership/European success too) with cricket. From 1952-1968, Surrey & Yorkshire won all but three Championship titles, after which it was shared around on a regular basis. Anyone could win it, almost anyone did and once the cup competitions and Sunday League arrived, from 1969-the 21st century, every county won something.

But that’s changing again, and teams like Derby, Glamorgan, Leics generally seem to have little prospect of trophies. It could be that as the ‘Big 8’ spilt occurs (based on grounds and income) that will become more pronounced.

(PS why is Yorkshire a pretty rubbish football county?)

Comment by pompeypop

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