Hampshire Cricket History

Brilliant game
May 28, 2017, 2:08 pm
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Terrific result

Crazy tactics? Maybe Bailey is the new Warne?

City-based T20s? Hah!

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Amazing. Surprise..
I have two questions one re Hampshire – why has Bailey taken over from Vince? One re yesterday’s ODI – why did the English batsmen have to change gloves about twelve times? (began to lose count). We wondered what Tennyson would have said – but probably not in print!

Comment by Stephen Saunders

Indeed! During the last two overs yesterday, you appeared on the TV twice, & quite delightful too. All around you was some kind of crowd mayhem and chanting while you, quite properly sat there resolutely arms folded, concentrating hard. Excellent! I’m sure you were enjoying it just as much.

As for glove changing? Well when we played, did we ever have two pairs of gloves? (!) I think they just do it because they can.

Plus of course with those old elastic, wrap around gloves the palms didn’t get sweaty because there were no palms!

Comment by pompeypop

Plus: I think Bailey was signed to captain in first-class to relieve Vince of some duties although he captains all the ‘white ball’ and is club captain.

Comment by pompeypop

Top of the table! Leastways for now.

Comment by Paul

BTW what crazy tactics?

Comment by Paul

Winning Paul, winning!

Comment by James

Of course silly me!

Comment by Paul

As I am sitting in my hotel’s bar in Taunton, having a celebratory pint, I am reflecting on the game and imagining it is like the Quantock hills – up and down all the way! Apart from Hampshire’s first innings, this match could have gone any way, and if the rain had come as predicted, it could have been a much tighter finish on day 4. There were some pretty rash shots by our batsmen, particularly Bailey’s shot were he was out for a duck, and I have yet to hear a reasoned argument as to why Ervine is bowling spin.
But what the heck, HAMPSHIRE WON!!!!!

Comment by John West

Ervine bowling spin possibly because they wanted someone to turn the ball the other way from our two main spinners on a turning wicket?

Comment by James

Much enjoyed the day here in Taunton. But, for heaven’s sake, why can’t you just have one post to celebrate Hampshire’s success without a sideswipe at the proposed T20? We know your views, and the cracked record gets more tedious day by day

Comment by Ageas

Just returned from Taunton and I am buzzing. Check out Hants cricket Twitter for the worst ball of the day from Crane to bamboozle Elgar. Elgar could have won it for them.
Enjoy the 4 day stuff while we have it – I try to ignore the future plans for T20.

Comment by Martin

Liam called up for Lords tomorrow, apparently.

Comment by Jeremy

Quick question,…If we were still playing tomorrow….could Liam be called up by England?

Comment by Nick

Great win. Whether it was a deliberate plan to attack the Somerset bowling in their second innings, or not, it worked. Those extra runs were key.

Comment by Ian Laidlaw

You had to concentrate at the ODI as the scoreboard did not work all day. Well done Ageas Bowl!

Comment by Stephen Saunders

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