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8th June v South Africa A
June 8, 2017, 1:32 pm
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The previous post has quite a few Comments, so here’s a new post to keep us all up-to-date with whatever, although I see the start is delayed. It’s not pleasant in Pompey but we’ve no rain here – I guess there is/has been at the Bowl?


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Team is Alsop, Smith, Holland, Bailey (cpt), Dickinson (wkt), Wood, Taylor, Hart, Crane, Wheal & Salisbury.

We won the toss and elected to field and South Africa A reached 18-2 from 13 overs (Wheal 1-8), Salisbury (1-9) when play was suspended.

Comment by James

Interesting that Bailey is playing. Is this to get more time in the middle or cast his eye over some of the other players?

Comment by Paul

Probably a bit of both I’d imagine Paul. The cricket news section of the official website doesn’t give any detail behind the team selection but it does provide lots of info about the luxury spa open day if that is any help!

Comment by James

He has played five Championship innings to date: 0 & 32; 49 & 0, and 2

Comment by pompeypop

Is this our new player Luxury Spa?

Comment by James

I thought his name was eforea spa. And an answer in last week’s crossword!

Comment by Paul

Perhaps he’s checking out the sarfies, ‘cos we need a few more!

Comment by Paul

Yesterday I left when it rained about 4pm but, for anyone interested, the scorecard said “lunch” would be 4 to 4.40 pm and “tea” 6.40 to 7. Because of the delayed start at 3.15 “lunch” would instead have been 5 to 5.40. There should also have been a minimum 96 overs, so the close would not necessarily have been at 9 pm. Today I see play started early, at 1.30, so the timing of intervals etc. is anyone’s guess.

Incidentally, despite the advertised free entry, yesterday we had to use our membership cards to gain access via the turnstiles as the gates were not open. But a pretty full menu was available in the atrium and the scoreboard worked (necessary to see each unknown batsman’s name)!

Comment by Ian White

Ian. The East gate is always open and manned as they have to let disabled parkers access. Today started at 1.30 and consisted of 3 sessions of 2hr10mins. The South Africans don;t wear numbers or names so it is tricky for the scorers too (Kev and the chap from Bournemouth who often does the 2nd’s book). There is a scorecard, and not only is it free entry but on-site parking is also free.
Security is tight. The Away dressing room steps and the Hambledon suite frontage is completely fenced off, with a guard either end to stop the 100 or so spectators walking through!!

Also, at the Nursery today, the Vipers got nearly 300, with our NZ lady getting a big 100, before bowling the West Indian Ladies out (200ish?) .

Comment by Bob Elliott

Just to clarify it’s free for members & under 17’s………£5 for adults

Comment by joster69

Suzie Bates I believe

Comment by Paul

It was interesting that play started half-an-hour early today as Bob mentioned but there were only two additional overs to be bowled as a minimum (98 as opposed to 96). Unless of course the scorecard was wrong and the minimum number of overs was 90 increased to 98 for the extra half-hour.

Play starts at 1.30 again tomorrow if anyone is going.

I was also wondering about the situation should it be required to carry forward half-hour in the upcoming round of day/night Championship games. Will the additional time be added to the start (as today) or the end? I would check the ECB website but I was hoping to get to bed before 2am!

Comment by James

When that sixth wicket fell it was very close to the all-time record sixth wicket partnership in first-class cricket against Hampshire. The record of 231 has stood for 109 years – today it was 209. (It is of course a record between Hampshire & South Africa A, but there again, so are all the other partnerships!)

Comment by pompeypop

81-7 in the 24th over with Dickinson 31 not out.

Looking on the bright side and following on from Dave’s post above this is a record Hampshire score against South Africa A!

Comment by James

Quite right James – although perhaps not yet the highest individual score by a South African (Dickinson) for Hampshire v any SA side!

Comment by Dave Allen

I thought I might check, while watching the ODI but in 1901, in the very first innings of the first match ever between Hampshire & South Africans, CB Llewellyn – a SA Test player – scored 216 for Hampshire, so maybe I’ll retire there!

Comment by pompeypop

Dickinson has just hit a four to go to 65* and that makes him second in the list of SA-born Hampshire players in first-class matches v any SA touring side. Llewellyn, in addition to his 216, scored 61 in 1907 and 60 in 1904. Otherwise the only other man who played v his native touring side was Len Creese in 1935 – sadly he ‘bagged ’em’. Others like Richards, the Smiths, Pothas etc never played for the county v SA.

Comment by pompeypop

And now Dickinson is the second South African-born Hampshire batsman to be dismissed on 99 in a first-class match, this season. That has almost certainly never happened previously but I ain’t checking!

Perhaps more significantly, he missed by one run the chance to be the seventh Hampshire player to score a century on first-class debut for the county, and like the other six, he had previously played first-class elsewhere (Abercrombie, Baldry, Hayward, Crawley, Watson and Bichel)

Comment by pompeypop

Meanwhile our wonderful official site has no report at all on yesterday the first day of a Hampshire first-class match in its Cricket News section. However it does carry a very important cricket news item published today. It is titled “BEEFY’S Blog: World Gin Day”.


Comment by James

. . and today there was no scorecard at all – not even an out-of-date one from yesterday.

Comment by Bob Elliott

I doubt there is even one cricket fan in the team responsible for the web content.

Comment by Hedgehog

but how is the gin Bob?

Comment by James

It appears that Tom Alsop battled hard today. Elsewhere, Joe Weatherley made another 30 for Kent while Danny Briggs took 3-40 to help bowl out Leics and give Sussex a chance of victory.
Five ‘ducks’ in Hampshire’s 2nd innings, including two ‘pairs’.

Comment by pompeypop

Alsop did OK, Bailey threatened for awhile but it was all uphill. Hendricks bowled very well for his fivefer.
Still can’t fathom the car situation out. They can’t have been more 50 spectators yet there were cars all over the place.

Comment by Paul

SA A took 20 wickets in the match and 10 on the final day. Is the pitch preparation being changed?

Comment by Paul

Only for the opposition I believe Paul!

Comment by James

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