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Tomorrow (14 June)
June 13, 2017, 9:29 am
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I didn’t see South Africa A but I’ve just spotted that tomorrow they are playing at the very lovely Arundel Castle, and the weather forecast is terrific. I could be tempted.

Meanwhile, with Dawson & Crane missing, I think there is much opportunity to continue the speculation about the side to play Lancashire. ‘Carry On Picking’, as big-nose Sid James would say …


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According to ‘our’ website, Hampshire 2nd XI drew with Somerset 2nd XI at Bath yesterday, but that’s all I can find anywhere – no details.

Comment by pompeypop

Meanwhile I have just received the year end December 2016 accounts for RB Sport & Leisure Holdings PLC…..
Cannot understand 99% of it though….must not reveal anything or I could be shot…

Comment by John Cottrell

I’ve got mine as well, John. I think it is called creative accounting!

Comment by John West

“Draw” seems to be the default condition for 2nd XI results until someone updates them.

Comment by Ian White

Still nothing in the cricket news section of the official website about the South Africa A game but lots about spa, gin, fashion shows and opportunites to buy hospitality packages. Maybe they don’t know what cricket is?

Comment by James

Here you go Dave. It’s amazing what you can find if you look at a proper county cricket website!

Comment by James

Many thanks James – I did look on the Somerset site, maybe too early. Interesting to see Liam playing – I’ll bet he asked to! Incidentally the Isle of Wight’s Adam Hose didn’t play for Somerset 2s, because he was making his first XI first-class debut – and he scored 60-odd in the second innings.

Comment by pompeypop

Been trying to find out the regs governing playing hours etc. for the forthcoming day/nighter against Somerset as James recently wondered whether play would start early on the 2nd and/or 3rd day (as in the South Africa A game) in the event of half an hour or more being lost. However the relevant section on this link : https://www.ecb.co.uk/governance/regulations/first-class-county-regulations seems to be unopenable. Perhaps we won’t know until the match is underway.

Comment by Ian White

Thanks for that Ian. I managed to open it and have extracted the following which indicates time can only be made up at the end of the day and not beyond 10pm in day/night games:

“A maximum of 30 minutes of time lost from play on Days 1,2 and 3 shall be made up on that respective day (refer also Playing Condition 16.2.2). If any time lost from a day is unable to be made up on the same day, it shall be carried forward to the next and subsequent day as appropriate, save that no time shall be carried forward to the fourth day. A maximum of 30 minutes of play may be made up on any day, whether that is time lost from the day itself or time carried forward. Time lost shall only be made up at the end of a day’s play. In Day/Night matches, in all circumstances, play shall
not extend beyond 10.00pm or the completion of the
over being bowled at that time”.

Comment by James

Thanks James. Given the often sluggish over rates there must be a good chance of some weird numbers of minutes carried over after 10pm. Also, even on an uninterrupted day it may not be possible to complete 96 overs by 10. But it’s good to know we can arrive for 2pm knowing that play hasn’t started early.

Comment by Ian White

That semi-final at Taunton is bonkers, with over 600 runs in the first 70 overs. They’re not the top-scorers, but two former Hampshire players have opened, with Michael Lumb scoring 47 from 28 balls and Johann Myburgh 44 from just 19.

Comment by pompeypop

A pointless non-contest between bat and ball as far as I’m concerned.

Comment by James

Interesting that this was not quite Notts’ highest List A total, but it is Somerset’s highest ever against a first-class side and the aggregate is now well past 800 runs! On TV they have suggested the boundaries were brought in. Meanwhile, quite a number of commentators have been enjoying Cardiff in the Champions Trophy because the pitch is not allowing huge scores. Now that Taunton is over I wonder whether it’s the first List A match between English counties in which both sides passed 400? (I’ve no idea)

Comment by pompeypop

From memory I remembered this one in 2002
http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/current/match/117940.html with more runs than todays game.

Comment by James

There was one last season also involving Nottinghamshire. http://m.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/current/match/947373.html

Comment by Ian

Many thanks both – well remembered

Comment by pompeypop

I hope you decided to visit today…….120* for Danny Briggs followed by 1/22 so far off 13 👏🏼

Comment by joster69

Sadly not Jo. This morning I took delivery of my new (non cricket) book then I waited in all afternoon for a British Gas Service visit which they called to cancel around 5pm, so I didn’t even get out in the sun! Still they’ll be privatised soon – and I’m VERY pleased for Danny.

Comment by pompeypop

Incidentally, I recall that on his Hampshire debut Danny batted very well with Imran Tahir (who perhaps got a fifty?) and I thought Danny’s future would be helped by pushing towards spinning all-rounder status (look eg at Dawson and maybe now Ervine). He never seemed to fulfil his batting potential, but maybe this will be a turning point for him – I do hope so.

Comment by pompeypop

Absolutely correct Dave I saw it too and had the same thoughts. Looking it up it was against Somerset in August 2009 and Danny made 36 in a partnership of 80 with Imran Tahir who made a (still) career best of 77.

Incidentally this is Danny’s second century of the season for Sussex as he scored 103 retired out in their non first-class game against Cardiff MCCU in April – and was dropped for the next match!

Comment by James

Many thanks James – here’s hoping he keeps his place this time!

Comment by pompeypop

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