Hampshire Cricket History

19-22 June v Lancashire
June 19, 2017, 10:33 am
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My next three days are rather full-on and potentially ‘lots of fun’, rock & roll, so here’s the Post for Comments etc – I might not keep up, although initially how delightful to see not one but TWO Hampshire-born players in the side; probably the first time this year? The first half-hour seems to have gone well enough, so …


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Could I just point out that Hampshire supporters should not be having fun during games. They should be suffering like the rest of us!

Comment by James

Many apologies James!

Maybe – without expressing any opinion of course – I could point out that Rossouw has now managed one half-century in six Championship matches (albeit it a big one) and has scored 34 runs in his last six Championship innings, while Alsop is not picked.

But I’m merely observing you understand.

I’ll also observe that Joe Weatherley is now batting for Kent (7*)

Comment by pompeypop

Sadly, almost immediately gone for 11

Comment by pompeypop

Rossouw did better with a broken finger – just saying not suggesting anything

Comment by Paul

Abbott understandably has just come in at number nine, but as the reverse of my previous question about dodgy number 11s, could Brad Taylor be one of the best number 10s in Hampshire’s history?

Comment by pompeypop

So only one of the top seven batsmen made more than 25 and the man who got a double-century in the last Championship game is demoted.

Sometimes it is very difficult working out what is going on.

I’d nominate Alex Morris as one of our best number tens since we moved to the Rose Bowl. As I recall when recovering from injury and unable to bowl he scored a double century in the 2nd XI and was then selected as a batsman in the Championship and scored 46 batting at five.
http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/current/match/124246.html (in an innings when only one of our top seven failed to reach 25!).

Comment by James

He was a good cricketer, but sadly fitness (or lack of) did for him.

Comment by pompeypop

Indeed. A great shame. As I recall he was even taller than Chris Tremlett and they must have been the tallest (and unfitest) opening partnership in cricket!

Comment by James

Alex Morris was a good cricketer. I think he cropped up recently on either the Radio or in a mag in one of those “Where are they now?” type features. Unfortunately I can’t remember the details, but I think it was all positive.

Comment by Jeremy

Almo was better than his idiot brother Zac……who is best remembered for his off field activities……

Comment by John Cottrell

I think the “Where are they now” was featured on ESPNCricinfo. As I recall Morris joined the Fire Service and has been with them ever since.

Comment by moggahooller

PS At close of play Abbott is five short of a career best score so fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Should we present him with the Player of the Season Trophy at the next home game?

Comment by James

Hampshire have been consistent with their batting points so far this season. In their 3 home matches they have scored 3 per match and in their 3 away matches they have none. So today’s 4 batting points (so far) represents a vast improvement.
Also, although we beat Lancashire at Liverpool in 2009 we haven’t beaten them at Old Trafford since 1992 when Kevin Shine took 13 wickets in the match.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Including a hat-trick I think. And if I recall correctly, we played a knock out match the next day and Shine was dropped. It was his finest moment

Comment by pompeypop

Yes, including a hat-trick Dave, well remembered.

Comment by Tigger MIles

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