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26 June – Let there be lights
June 25, 2017, 9:09 pm
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OK I’ll stop shouting now

I couldn’t make this ‘historic’ event even if I wished, as my car is out of action for the next two days, so I’m hoping for lots of thoughts and impressions of the Championship by night.

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Condolences re the car Dave but this match poses a lot of inconvenience to those of us who rely on public transport. Can catch a train but will need a taxi from the station as no buses that late.

Comment by Ian White

I understand that Ian. I’m a walking, bus, cycle bloke mostly these days and always go by public transport to Hove, but the inconvenience of Pompey to the Ageas Bowl has always put me off (I’ve never done it). I imagine some attendances will be boosted today with after work, inner-city ‘walk-ups’, but I wonder whether Hampshire will benefit, being somewhat ‘out in the wilds’?

Comment by pompeypop

Hoping to listen to KDJ describing the historic day but at 2.04, while the other commentaries have started and are fine, there is nothing but silence from the Ageas Bowl. The sun is blazing down here in Pompey, but I guess it could be raining up the road (?)

Comment by pompeypop

looks to me like a slightly above average attendance.
spoke to several regulars none of whom were in favour of the experiment.

Comment by John white

Listening to Mr Maxted. Will he take you home?

Comment by pompeypop

No. I am staying in the Hilton tonight so I can experience the delights of Beefs.
probably just about afford a kids fish and chips!.

Comment by John white

Make sure you keep James up-to-date with all the news!!

Comment by pompeypop

Interesting to see that Hameed has failed again today and is averaging less than 20. Lancashire’s policy of playing him in every game is the opposite of Hampshire’s with Tom Alsop (one innings of 40).

Comment by pompeypop


Comment by John white

Not sure about this ‘F’ John – is it a reference to the continuing selection of Rossouw? If so, I’d have to agree!

Comment by pompeypop

I’m not checking this (and I’m not asking Tigger either) but I can’t help feeling Rossouw might have set a record as a specialist batsman by making nought in four of his first seven matches (including two v Essex) – especially since those seven were only interrupted by one injury, in an otherwise continuous selection.

Comment by pompeypop

Just to add to that point, Rossouw’s season is very odd. He scored 169 in his first three Championship innings (avge 56.3) but since his one match off injured, he has scored 34 in eight innings/five matches (avge 4.25). Overall that’s 203 in 11 innings (18.45)

He missed the first four 50-over matches, then scored 156, 35 and 5 (avge 65.3)

In total then, he has scored 399 runs, but 255 of those came in two innings, and 144 in the other 12 innings.

Comment by pompeypop

Close of Play: I’m assuming it didn’t quite go to plan? Interesting declaration … was the pink ball doing a lot in that last session? The forecast is now rather mixed. There is rain about, but it might mostly miss the ground from what I saw tonight.

Comment by pompeypop

If that was the plan it wasn’t a good one! I see both Dawson and Overton are quoted as saying the pink ball didn’t do much but got soft very quickly which made scoring difficult.

We lost nine wickets in slightly less than two sessions without the bowlers appearing to look that dangerous. Some very poor shots led by Rossouw who looked frankly embarrassing. His second shot was a leaden footed waft across the line which he totally missed. He then played a few defensive prods had another swing across the line and on ball number ten he tried to play some sort of standing sweep to a ball outside leg stump and skied it to be caught behind by the keeper.

I wouldn’t bat him above ten in the current side.

Comment by James

Any thoughts on kneeling slip fielders???

Comment by joster69

Second time I have seen this in the last few weeks. I think I also saw it at Hove but maybe it was elsewhere.

Perhaps the new in thing?

Must restrict your catching range and your ability to chase balls whilst presumably helping you to catch low snicks. Don’t see it as giving the fielder an unfair advantage or being against the laws so I don’t see anything wrong with it personally although I prefer to see the more traditional approach.

Comment by James

I agree with James – but it can’t aid movement & flexibility surely, so seems bloody daft to me. Maybe he was knackered?

Comment by pompeypop

On commentary they were saying that the ball was going through really low

……agree it would restrict a dive & certainly take longer to chase down a ball that gets past you

……but, if it came straight at you wouldn’t it be much easier to keep hold of with an entire lap below your hands?!

Comment by joster69

IF it came straight at you, and low, yes, but it’s banking a lot on it not being higher or wider, which tends to assume 100% accuracy from the bowler – not a characteristic of the modern game. There’s always a coach somewhere with a new theory. Some work, some don’t.

Comment by pompeypop

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