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June 26, 2017, 9:34 am
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A separate post here, because this is terrific. Tigger has worked out in percentages the number of county days played and percentages across the lengthening seasons – I’m hoping it pastes clearly here. He says (and many thanks):

“Days played this season could go up by 2 if we reach the T20 Finals day.
No wonder players today are so tired!!”
Season Start Date End Date Total Span Days Played %Played
1946 11-May 02-Sep 115 84 73.04%
1956 05-May 03-Sep 122 93 76.23%
1966 30-Apr 02-Sep 126 94 74.60%
1976 28-Apr 10-Sep 136 86 63.24%
1986 26-Apr 16-Sep 144 101 70.14%
1996 26-Apr 21-Sep 149 101 67.79%
2006 18-Apr 24-Sep 160 94 58.75%
2016 04-Apr 23-Sep 173 89 51.45%
2017 02-Apr 28-Sep 180 84 46.67%

PS: Sod’s Law I guess but the key PERCENTAGE bit seems to have disappeared. so here it is rather less clearly

1946 = 73.04%; 1956 = 76.23%; 1966 = 74.60%;

1976 = 63.24%; 1986 = 70.14%; 1996 = 67.79%;

2006 = 58.75%; 2016 = 51.45%; 2017 = 46.67%

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I wonder what it is in Overs!

Comment by Jeremy

GOOD question James if quite a long job – although could add at least the overs bowled by Hampshire from each year’s averages.

Comment by pompeypop

I’ll see what I can do!

Comment by Tigger MIles

Thinking about it. On my website in the season averages there is a total for overs bowled by Hampshire. Unfortunately, not overs bowled by opposition except in List A and T20. For last season we bowled 3017.3 overs in all formats and in 1946 3397.3. More to follow.

Comment by Tigger MIles

Thanks. The best I can offer is this:

We have scheduled 6,736 this year, plus any KO, and arguably Cardiff and SA “A” [does a 4th XI count?].

In 1947 (I don’t have the ’47 Wisden) our averages show 3,649.5 in 26 Champo games. We had a non fc v RN, 2 days [no scorecard], 3 days v OU ( 155.3 bowled by us, 156 by them, Match Drawn), 3 days v CU ( 175.4 by us, 163.4 by them, a draw), 3 days v Combined Services (117.4 by us, 112.5 by them, they lost by an innings, G Hill 6-31 & 6-63, not the driver I guess), .

So, lazy, doubling the CC overs gives us 7,300, 881 others, so 8181. Seems quite a few more than 1946, not sure if the programme was different?

So 87 [+RN] days scheduled then, 8181 overs, 94 overs per day est actual . 2017, 78 inc 14 T20, 6,736 overs, 86 max possible per day avge. And rationing was still on then!

Only done quickly, unchecked, so apologies for any errors!.

Comment by Jeremy

So Rossouw is playing rather Alsop – because?

Comment by Paul

He is on a three year contract and we are paying him a lot of money? He has incriminating pictures of Giles White? Alsop is unavailable because he is busy consoling Will Smith who despite bucketloads of runs for the 2nd XI can’t get a sniff of a Championship place?

Answers on a postcard Paul.

Comment by James

We declared 9 down. I wonder why?

Comment by Paul

I think because we just got the bonus point, Wheal was about to face and declaring gave us six overs at the Somerset openers who included young Byrom on debut.

In my book a positive move which could have given us a wicket or two and got us back into the game a little bit.

Comment by James

Just realised I’m on the wrong page! Story of my life really.

Comment by Paul

Don’t worry Paul – I’m not helping with this extra thread on a match day but it was so good from Tigger. I’m sure James is right – but it didn’t work out. Could the last pair have got to 250? Abbott is in fine (and consistent) form with the bat. It didn’t work out did it and apparently the ball did relatively little, but hindsight is a fine thing …

Comment by pompeypop

Here’s an interesting addition from Alan Rayment – I won’t start a new thread just to keep things ‘tidy’ but I hope you see it:

A cursory look at average earnings and CPI in UK in 1956 revealed the following:

1956 Manual wage (men) ………………………. £230.00 pa.
National average wage £9.50 pw …….. £494.00 pa
Retail Price Index (then CPI) ……………. £324.00 pa
Average house price c…………………….£2,200.00

A capped Hampshire player*was paid a weekly wage of £7.75 (52 weeks)£403.00 pa
In 1956 Hampshire won nine Championship matches: win bonus £5. …….. £ 45.00
Talent money for centuries/5 wickets/ (runs on bad wickets) for AWH say…£ 30.00

AWH earnings from cricket in 1956 = £478.00

Comment by pompeypop

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