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The Story in Numbers
July 4, 2017, 10:09 pm
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Many thanks to Stephen Hope for sending this historic photo – cheers


Some additional facts:

This is Hampshire’s 12th score of 600 and above. Of the previous 11 – all but one were scored on main county grounds (Southampton, Trent Bridge, Taunton etc)

The exception was 616 v Warwickshire at Portsmouth in 1920

That one game is also an exception in that three of those scores were ‘Victorian’ (1884, 1899 & 1901) and the other seven have all been in the past 30 years, since the introduction of four-day matches.

So, seven scores of 600 (plus) in the past 30 seasons, but only one in the previous 80 (allowing for two wars)

Hampshire won eight of those previous matches, including the two highest scores (714 in 2005 and 672 in 1899). But the next two (671 and 654 – both in this century) were drawn, which might seem ominous for this game. The other drawn game was also in this century (2001)


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i didn’t take a photo at this stage, but i took one at 555 for 5. is that a quintuple nelson?

Comment by Tigger Miles

Yes indeed! Did anything special occur?

Comment by pompeypop

Oh for a scoreboard like this at the Rose Bowl……

Comment by John Cottrell

Here’s more, showing the dramatic shift in County Cricket over the past 30 years

I thought I’d compare with LOWEST SCORES, so I looked at scores under 50 in the Championship since 1895.

Here we see that almost all the lowest scores were in the first 70 years of the 20th century

By Hampshire there have been 21 – ALL between the 1890s and 1960s, and none since then

Against Hampshire there have been 18.

16 of those were between the 1910s and 1960s, PLUS one in August 1973 v Notts at Bournemouth, as we were winning the title

So 34 of 39 scores under 50 were between 1900 and 1969 (87% – and on uncovered pitches .. )

**And then the one BIG EXCEPTION

Portsmouth July 1989:

Gloucs 240 & 48 (Connor 7-31), Hants 406-9 dec.
KD James 56 and the wicket of AJ Wright

Comment by pompeypop

There’s more:

Of the ten highest individual scores for Hampshire (Moore, Crawley etc), five have been in this century, while two were Victorian. The other three? In order of size, 1937, 1921 and 1975.

Whereas of the 13 instances of Hampshire bowlers taking nine wickets in an innings, only Connor (1996) and Mullally (2000) were in four-day games. The other 11 instances were all between 1920 – 1966 (uncovered wickets)

The simple point is that today’s Championship cricket is dramatically different from the game in the major middle part of the 20th century, which was the game many of us grew up watching.

Whether it’s better or not is a matter of opinions – and I’m having too much fun to bother with those …

Comment by pompeypop

Hampshire doing well this morning. Largest follow on margin ever enforced by Hants is 501 v Notts in 2005. Next is 421 v Gloucs in 1911, then five between 318- 368.

Comment by pompeypop

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