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July 6, 2017, 7:14 am
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Apologies for missing Chris Tremlett (below) and thanks to Alan – on the ball as ever. I should rephrase my question as being about the two openers perhaps.

The Guardian and The Times have similar views of Liam’s place in today’s Test Match side. Mike Atherton describes him as a “work-a-day cricketer … who averages 36.86 with the ball … and can score handy runs down the order”. He adds that Liam “owes his selection to the lack of alternatives” and that “it would be a stretch to say that Dawson represents an enterprising selection”.

Apparently the last time England played two spinners at Lord’s was Tufnell & Such in 1993 – on paper Dawson and Ali hardly compare (let alone with say Emburey and Edmonds, Underwood and Illingworth, Laker and Lock/Wardle etc) but that’s not their fault.

Meanwhile, another England spinner, Vic Marks says that Liam’s “retention is understandable but it can hardly be described as cavalier”, adding that in the absence of Chris Woakes at number 8, “Dawson offers an insurance policy as well as some steady spin”.

I agree with James’s view earlier in the week that Liam does not look an obvious Test-class player at this point in his career, but if it happens – and the start was promising – he wouldn’t be the first one whose Test record exceeded his county performances. I hope that’s the case and wish him the best of good fortune.

Meanwhile after just 14 wickets on the first three days (including a couple of late Hampshire ‘give aways’) can they possibly take 13 today? If the storms stay away, it might be an excellent cricket day

And finally – thinking of Bob’s predictions for tomorrow’s T20 start – I wonder how much these two days in the field might affect the selection?


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Morkel bowled the first over. It’s interesting to see him with the number 65 on his shirt. Is that his SA number? In which case, do they only number since their Test return in the 1990s? If so, Hampshire’s previous SA Test players, such as RM Poore, CB Llewellyn and BA Richards won’t have a number … (but Abbott etc will).

Comment by pompeypop

Yes I think it is indeed his SA number. They did indeed start from the players at the reintroduction.

Comment by moggahooller

One could ask BAR about that next Wednesday I’m sure his comments will be interesting!

Comment by Paul

Pass the dutchie, to finish the innings. Burns is batting again, has he been on the field all match so far?

Comment by Paul

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