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Help and Support Wanted
July 8, 2017, 5:50 pm
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If anything exciting happens in the Test, I’ll add to the existing posts below, because this warrants a couple of days at the top of the list.

You know that Tigger – entirely voluntarily – has set up a really fine statistical website; really fine. He’s worried that it doesn’t attract enough attention and I think we could help him – not least because he’s made improvements. He’s sent me this message; please check it out, and let him know – you can add Comments here.

Tigger said:

“I have made some improvements lately on the site, for example at:
Now if you hover the cursor over the scores it will display the batting position.
If you hover over the bowling figures it will display the full analysis.
If you hover over the partnerships it will display the players involved.
As for T20, our next match is Sussex so here are links to the records v Sussex
and a list of results (all linked to CricInfo for scorecards)
I’m sure you know but the 5th wicket partnership last night was our best ever in T20.
I apologise for me trying to plug my site (no need Tigger!) but I really would like people to use it. The main reason is to get some feedback. Any improvements I can make or if people think it’s rubbish (very unlikely!) then I would like to know. It took me ages to compile, although it doesn’t take long to update after each match as it is pretty much automatic (about 40 minutes per match).
Any comments from you or anyone else would be very much appreciated.”
So, over to you Bloggers!

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I too think Tigger’s website is excellent and the improvements mentioned above make it even better. I’m quite sure it doesn’t attract as much attention as it deserves but nevertheless I would imagine there are a number of people who use it but don’t mention it as much as they should. I’m certainly one.

I must admit that for some reason I only tend to use the site to look at past seasons stats so this thread is a timely reminder to me to go there to check this season’s info as well particularly with the recent improvements.

I also wonder if with Cricket Archive becoming a subscription service Tigger’s site might become even more popular. Obviously the more publicity it gets the better and with this in mind does Kevan mention the site on the radio? I don’t get to listen to the commentary that often but did hear him mention Tigger the other week but can’t recall if he plugged the site.

Maybe Tigger or others shouldn’t be shy about contacting the commentators when we are playing away and letting them know about the site as well so they can inform the listeners?

One immediate thought about a further improvement is whether the result of the game could be displayed when the cursor hovers over the name of the opposition?

Keep up the great work Tigger!

Comment by James

thanks James, that would be a fairly easy change. Will do it on next update.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Updated James. For this season only (CC, FC, LA and TT)

Comment by Tigger MIles

Excellent, thanks Tigger!

Comment by James

I think the site is brilliant, but it sort of slips my mind…

But not any more, as the tables tracking individual performances, and especially partnerships, match by match are exactly what I’ve got too lazy to do for myself, but find the best way of putting things into their proper context.

A couple of very minor suggestions. One, adding on extras to the batting innings by innings. And a table of the oppo partnerships really helps build a picture of where matches were won and lost.

One other record no-one ever seems to track is “runs scored while in”, more interesting than mere averages for many admirable tail-enders, eg Tommo!

Comment by Jeremy

thanks Jeremy, adding the extras would be fairly easy. Will do at next update. Holding the opposing teams partnerships is something i’ve been thinking about for ages. It will involve quite a bit of work but certainly adding them for current season is a possibility. I show the highest averages against us in the overall records and the county records but these are currently updated manually. Adding these to my database would make the day to day running easier but with a lot of work upfront. Will see what I can do. The runs scored while in again could be fairly easy as I hold the fall of wickets and the order of who was out. I will produce something and let you look before going live.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Thanks a lot. I do think the improvements you’ve already made are tremendous (especially for those who have a lousy memory like me!)

I always think looking at the partnership list, or simply fall of wickets, is the quickest way of picking up the rythym of a match. And when we’re going through a bad patch seeing how high extras rank in our scores sometimes dulls the pain!

Comment by Jeremy

Tigger, this is an excellent site. As Jeremy said above, I have also wanted to do county championship statistics myself but have been too lazy.

Would it be possible to include CC “year to date” batting and bowling averages?

Keep up the good work.

Comment by Martin

Thanks Martin, Not sure what you are asking for, maybe i’m being thick. The overall CC averages are on the site and the averages for each season shown separately. It may be that the navigation on my site isn’t as good as it could be or maybe i’ve misunderstood what you’ve asked for.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Hi Martin, If you click on the players name from either the current averages or list of players. This may be what you want. It is only available for players that have played 100+ matches (try Vince as an example). Is this what you wanted? For other players it will link directly to CricInfo.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Excellent site. First time I have had a link and now in my favourites. Thanks Tigger(and Dave for providing the link)

Comment by Ron Griffiths

Thank Ron

Comment by Tigger Miles

Tigger, after visiting your site before and having another look after Dave’s post each time I find out something new, this time it was the number of international matches that have been played at the Rose Bowl……didn’t know it was so many or who was playing. Your site is also very good for supporters who might have forgotten something.

Many thanks for doing it.

Comment by stephenfh

Thanks Stephen, maybe a need to do a quick guide so people know exactly what is there. I know some of it is well hidden.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Something I’ve noticed from running a Blog & Website about Popular Music History is that the website comes ‘alive’ when you make it possible to talk to the webmaster and share information – as is happening on here now. Otherwise, websites can become somewhat inert, competing with so much else that is out there. Sometimes people simply miss their existence.

I’m not sure whether Tigger could add a facility for direct conversations but if not, maybe we need to look at a weekly digest on here from Tigger, or at least an alert – as with his direct link to Wednesday’s Sussex figures?

Comment by pompeypop

there is an email on the front page. I’m more than happy to have conversations via that. I’m also thinking about adding a short milestones statement on the front page. This would be for milestones that could be reached in the next match. For example James Vince’s 100th t20 for Hampshire.

Comment by Tigger Miles

A great site and one I forget it’s there which is a shame. I have added it as a bookmark on my phone and on my desktop at work so this will see me visit much more. I will definitely use it from now on when doing some prep for hospital radio. Thanks Tigger.

Comment by Ian

Incidentally I have to say Tigger’s Football Premier League site statistics (link on his cricket home page) looks fantastic. If only I gave a t**s about Premier League football!

Comment by James

Thanks James, This site all came about because I used to run a Prem League competition and had all the data. I thought, why not stick it on a website. Sorry, the Prem League is not your thing. There are now 49 clubs that have been in the Prem League. I guess you support one of the other 43 or perhaps a non-league club. Either way thank you for your comment.

Comment by Tigger Miles

Brentford have always been my club Tigger so give it another year or two and I will view your site with interest!

Comment by James

Perhaps they will become the 50th Prem Team

Comment by Tigger Miles

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