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Thank You & Goodnight
July 8, 2017, 5:04 pm
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I was hoping (unsuccessfully) that England would lose a wicket late on, as Liam was nominated nightwatchman and it seemed to me his best chance of a long bat second go. He might not get in tomorrow.

David Lloyd referred on commentary to the famous occasion when Robin Marlar, a real non-batsman, went in as nightwatchman for Sussex and was stumped second ball for six. He wasn’t sure if the tale was true but I can report that I got to know Marlar a bit in our days on the respective committees – even discussed a joint publication with him once – and he confirmed it.

The full tale was a consequence of his capacity to be a bit of an awkward bugger and his account was that he was going out that evening and fancied a quick shower and change, but the skipper insisted he should go in – so he did, and feeling more than a little peeved, batted accordingly! Imagine the response to such a business these days!

I had some fun with this photo – Liam and Johnny Bairstow dance ‘Swan Lake’?

Liam Bairstow


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Sunday – what to say? Two balls first innings, two balls second innings and Liam has a pair. Horrid.

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