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July 9, 2017, 1:12 pm
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I use stats quite a lot in histories of cricket but – if I’m anything – I’m definitely an historian not a statistician.

I work pretty crudely – for T20, I have an exercise book with all the matches since 2003 and lots of written notes, plus the Handbooks, plus dipping in-and-out of stats websites.

But the sources are sometimes confusing. On Friday I reminded Kevan J that the Glams match would be James Vince’s 100th T20 for Hampshire. He came back, suggesting that Cricinfo already had him at 100. I’m incapable of interrogating Cricinfo in any depth but I am able to discover that while the Hampshire Handbook and Cricket Archive both had Vince on 99 and record Vince as having played 122 T20s, Cricinfo says 123. Why? Kevan says that the extra game is the one for Hampshire, meaning he started this season on 100

As I say I can’t get far into Cricinfo. I can find the 123 matches and click on the Performance Filters. That gives me a menu, including teams, and I can click on Hampshire which gives me a neat little square with a tick in it. And that’s it, apart from a Manhattan in the background. I’ve little patience with websites that aren’t clear, so back to what I trust.

Tigger Comments below “… milestones that could be reached in the next match. For example James Vince’s 100th T20 for Hampshire”, but actually he agrees with the Handbook, Cricket Archive (and me) that the 100th was last Friday not next Weds.

Why me? Because I’ve been through every game Vince played for Hampshire

It comes to 100 with 95 innings. Why? Because in five matches the weather intervened and he didn’t bat: January 2011 v Trinidad & Tobago (9.5 overs bowled); 2011 v Glams at Cardiff (one over bowled); 2012 v Sussex (Rose Bowl, 17.4 overs bowled); 2013 v Essex at Chelmsford (2.1 overs bowled) and 2016 v Gloucs when there was NO PLAY but the toss took place and teams were declared, so that counts as a match.

Which leaves me wondering whether Cricinfo has included the other abandoned match last year v Sussex, although there was no toss? But I don’t know, so for sure I trust the combined efforts of Tigger, Cricket Archive, Bob Murrell (Handbook) and me. Cricinfo? Hah!


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PS I’m very sorry* to report that it must (surely?) be a record that one Hampshire batsman recorded three consecutive ducks in the Championship, and another three consecutive ducks for England in the same calendar year.

*Especially in the latter case.

Comment by pompeypop

Too nice to miss the Southsea sunshine this afternoon but delighted to get home to find Liam’s doing well with the ball …

Comment by pompeypop

The T20 on Friday might be ‘interesting’. The Pop Concerts and the weather mean the grass is suffering under all that plastic. It won’t look very pretty (says my ‘mole’).

Comment by Bob Elliott

Somebody asked me – and I couldn’t answer – do they cover the square and allow people onto it, or is it ‘roped off’.

Looking forward to Little Mix …

Comment by pompeypop

The square is covered, but roped off. Out of bounds for boots . .

Comment by Bob Elliott

The square is protected by a barrier but was definitely mostly uncovered on Friday night

Comment by joster69

Liam bowling well with little luck. Ali will take the honours

Comment by Paul

Yes, but he’s bowling as well as I’ve ever seen him – and apparently England spinners have the most wickets in a home Test for 40 years – AND AS I WRITE, HE’S JUST WON THE TEST!!!

Comment by pompeypop

Joe Root said of Moeen Ali “He put the ball in consistently good areas and it helped when you have got another spinner at the other end to work in partnership with … between them they did a very good job.”

Liam’s on/off county career as a spinner has sometimes lacked that partnership. I thought he worked wonders for Moeen today, and really deserved that last wicket.

Comment by pompeypop

Disappointing to see so much criticism of Liam’s inclusion in the team but then sadly so many people only like to pass negative comment.

He did his job admirably with the ball today & had praise from both Joe Root & Trevor Bayliss……who at the end of the day are the voices that matter.

He definitely looked completely at home with the rest of the team when he took the wicket of Amla.

As we know he’s a determined player & will give his all for the team.

Today he’s been part of an England test win at Lords & nobody will ever be able to take that away no matter what the future brings 😊

Comment by joster69

Incidentally, someone suggested the groundsman should get the Man-of-the-Match award. It’s a good point – and a lot better pitch than last week at the Oval I suspect … (?)

Comment by pompeypop

I had a quick look at Cricinfo, and they show the same matches played as Tigger for JV in 2016 T20… so the extra match they’ve got probably isn’t the Sussex abandoned one?

Comment by Jeremy

Cheers Jeremy. Who knows then?

Comment by pompeypop

Actually Jeremy, if your “quick look” was match-by-match along the Manhattan (?) then Cricinfo doesn’t list ANY of the matches in which someone takes part but because of abandonment does not bat, so they might still have included that game (for example the 17.4 overs v Sussex on 6 July 2012 is not in that list for James Vince, yet he fielded throughout). I’m bewildered.

Comment by pompeypop

Apparently there is a rather portly middle aged MCC member auditioning as a Swedish glamour model .

Comment by Paul

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