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July 12, 2017, 7:42 am
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T20 is here to stay, and (as with that previous TV story) I return to the Guardian which today has a most interesting piece by Tim Wigmore in which he suggests T20 cricket is using more-and-more data and “evolving at a rate that might be unmatched throughout all sport”. He suggests that while T20 was often seen as being signifiant for having an impact on longer forms, now it is more obviously standing alone as an essentially different sport. He quotes one ‘specialist’ T20 coach that “it’s only superstition dressed up as tradition” that is stopping it from evolving even more quickly.

It’s not an article designed to cheer someone like me, but it is very interesting and very persuasive. (I can’t find it online, so you might have to buy it)

PS 11.45 – no sign of 2nd XI play at Newclose. It was still raining through the night in Pompey so I guess it’s soaked, although if they get going, there could still be a result.


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“A format invented by a marketing survey… deliberatley ludicrous… instantly forgettable” gets it off to a good start!

There’s an Indian Stats guy who writes on Cricinfo, Kartikeya Date, who has written a number of articles on why T20 isn’t cricket, which go into a lot of detail, and I find very persuasive.

For instance, he wrote this a year ago:

“Currently three distinct types of T20 batters exist. The first lasts more than 28 balls per dismissal and scores 115-130 runs per 100 balls. The second lasts 20-28 balls per dismissal, and scores in the 130-140 range. The third scores at nearly 150 runs per 100 balls and is dismissed once every 15-20 balls faced. It is a matter of time before a fourth kind – an uber-hitter – emerges. This player would last about eight to ten balls per dismissal, but score at more than 200 runs per 100 balls faced.”

More recently he wrote this article, which explains why batting in T20 simpy bears no relation to what’s required in real cricket:


Comment by Jeremy

Well found Ron. Cheers

Comment by pompeypop

Understand no play on the Island today as ground too wet…..double header T20 tomorrow 😷

Comment by John Cottrell

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