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A little mixed outfield?
July 14, 2017, 6:32 pm
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No I’m not there – many thanks to Paul for these shots of tonight with the outfield showing signs of Jo’s dancing maybe?

Middx T20 2

Middx T20 2

The teams take the field with the crowd in – are those floodlights on? Are they needed?


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Yes the lights are on and out for Rossouw now.

Comment by Paul

Interesting that after 17 overs the online scores have disappeared on BBC and Cricinfo but I’ve tuned in again after a break to mend the garage door! Apparently after Bailey, McManus and Afridi came and went and Berg appeared at number seven. Presumably Sean Ervine is now a non-playing player – a new T20 tactic?

Comment by pompeypop

You will have Jo after you following that remark about Sean Ervine….but right 😊

Comment by John Cottrell

A stunning one handed catch by Rossouw to dismiss McCallum.

Comment by Paul

I can’t take any credit/blame for the damage to the outfield…..I stayed firmly in my seat for Bryan Adams & went nowhere near for Little Mix!

As for the low scores of the batsman coming in after George Bailey they were on a hiding to nothing really……

The brilliant start meant they weren’t coming in until the 16th over so trying to hit out from the start. I can just imagine the criticism if they had used up balls trying to get in. The use of Afridi means that Sean Ervine is getting pushed down the order & so he came in with only three balls left…….not much option other than try to hit a boundary first up.

A brilliant game to watch & I’m sure the players appreciated the size of the crowd 😊

Comment by joster69

I’d like to stress that I understand Sean’s situation and I’m not getting at him – I’m just questioning why he’s there, it’s a selection issue. If you’re going to push him down to 7/8 – given that stat that number sevens on average face seven balls, and he’s not going to bowl, why not have a number eight who could offer a bowling option just in case (eg Holland or Taylor)? Alternatively bat him at five because we know he can hit big and score quickly. But I’m sorry to hear you weren’t dancing!!

Comment by pompeypop

I never said I wasn’t dancing……..it was just chair dancing 😜

It seems the batting order is pretty fluid depending on the match situation

Comment by joster69

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