Hampshire Cricket History

And another one
July 18, 2017, 6:52 am
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While playing for the County:

Only two men have ever taken five wickets in an innings for England (one did it twice). Who were they?

Robin Smith and KP are the most capped Hampshire players (by England). Can you name the other two who played more than ten Test Matches for England?

Hampshire have only one, ‘One Test Wonder’ – who – and why was it half of a ‘double’?

Can you name two Hampshire players who substituted as wicketkeeper for England in a Test (there might be more than two, I’ve no idea)


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Victor Barton played once for England and once (in goal) for Saints.

Comment by Bob Elliott

. . and Bobby Parks in 1986 against New Zealand when Bruce French got injured, Bob Taylor was called in from the beer tent, then Bill Athey had a go, before Bobby turned up . . .!! (I was there)

Comment by Bob Elliott

Yes, Bobby is one

Comment by pompeypop

John Arnold? The ‘double’ because he got one cap at football too

Over ten caps – Mead and Gower?

Comment by Keith Fray

Good again Keith, well done!

Comment by pompeypop

Two with more than 10 caps: Phillip Mead and Chris Smith

Comment by stephenfh

Chris Smith only played 8 tests, despite scoring loads in the CC.

Comment by Paul

Thanks, I mistakenly adding in ODIs.

Comment by stephenfh

Here’s a hint about the two ‘fiver-fors’. They both occurred abroad, in the same country and none of us were alive when it happened (unless you’re older than you look …)

Comment by pompeypop

Hesteltine & Kennedy

Comment by Keith Fray

Keith, you have the job – well done! Heseltine and Kennedy it is, both in South Africa, about 25 years apart.

On his tour, Kennedy’s Test figures were: 4-37 & 4-132; 1-24 & 4-58; 5-88; 3-68 & 3-70; 2-46 & 5-76 – 31 wickets in nine innings on his Test debut. He played for another decade plus, but was never picked again!

Comment by pompeypop

I think the only answer missing is the second sub wicketkeeper. My answer is Robin Smith (for some reason I think once at Edgbaston, I used to have a photo). Possibly others. I think I’m also right that the only Hampshire wicketkeeper to be chosen to keep for England was George Brown (1921) who was not a regular Hampshire ‘keeper

Comment by pompeypop

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