Hampshire Cricket History

July 21, 2017, 6:34 pm
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I’m not glued to Surrey v Middlesex on the telly but the opening has been almost beyond description

Do you remember many years ago a C4 TV series in which an elderly John Arlott conversed with Mike Brearley? Arlott was somewhat gloomy by those days but it was nonetheless a rare cricket discussion of real intellect, knowledge and humanity

Before the game, I caught the complete antithesis – the Brave New World of cricket broadcasting, as Andrew Flintoff ‘interviewed’ Kevin Pietersen. It was mostly imbecilic and ego-driven, with the latter announcing that he could bat anywhere in England’s top four places, “left-handed” – presumably including Cook and Root then.

Surrey went off at a rate with Aaron Finch making 40* before Roy was dismissed. In came KP who you will recall batted two nights ago but was unfit to field. He fended off the first ball to short mid-on, set off, turned around, Finch got three-quarters down the pitch and scrambling to get back was run out. He was absolutely furious!

Then there was a delay of some minutes after which it transpired that despite coming into the game with a leg injury the umpires were permitting KP to have a runner. Unsurprisingly, there was no chance that Finch was coming back to do the job, so Roy had to pad up and come out.

KP could hardly move. He got four runs off I think nine balls and holed out. He walked back into the dressing room past Finch who was shown on TV looking resolutely the other way. I’d like to hear the eventual conversation.

Presumably England will have to do without another left-hander next week.


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Chocker block at The Oval!

Comment by Paul

Is that a pun – Key ‘just cramp him for room.’

Comment by Paul

Stirling has a runner due to a leg injury for those who aren’t watching the T20 at The Oval.

Comment by Paul

To be fair to Pietersen he is nothing but consistent. He upset his team mates in South Africa before he became English and they couldn’t wait to see the back of him. Then he upset his team mates at Notts who couldn’t wait to see the back of him. Ditto at Hampshire and then England. Looks like he is well on the way to achieving that at Surrey too.

As for his long line of ridiculous interviews it does make you wonder if he has some sort of serious problem and is in need of professional help.

Comment by James

I’m sorry I switched off – sounds endlessly entertaining in a bizarre kind of way – and James, nail-on-head completely!

Comment by pompeypop

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