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Hey Jo
July 21, 2017, 8:40 pm
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Where you goin’ with that tear in your eye?

You are so admirably and consistently cheerful that I think you should be appointed official ‘Blog Cheerer Upper’ – and I suspect quite a few Bloggers could do with cheering up after this evening. What’s more, while probably few supporters begrudged Danny Briggs his moment yesterday, it might be a little different with the undefeated Essex opener tonight.

Last night the performances of youngsters Tom Alsop and Mason Crane helped – but tonight? Did anything redeem that performance?

From first to fourth in 26 hours – with the goal difference falling through the floor.


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I don’t begrudge the Essex opener.

Comment by Paul

Let’s look forward to the life members day!

Comment by Paul

I was out last night so didn’t get to listen, scorecard didn’t read well though 😔

Maybe Carbs should have opened with James Vince……

On a brighter note…….my favourite Northern side got a win, with some help from DLS & sit happily in second 😊

Comment by joster69

Ah yes – off out on a Friday night. I remember those days.

And is that because they’re Nort HANTS? Or a more intricate reason

Comment by pompeypop

A couple of years ago they were in our hotel in Barbados & so got to see quite a bit of them.

Impressed by them as a team that definitely look to be close knit & supportive of each other and if they didn’t get raided regularly by bigger teams would probably be a lot stronger.

Comment by joster69

It does seem to me that they mess about with the batting order in strange ways. Afridi can’t get a score but keeps being promoted, Bailey dropped down, while Alsop on Thursday came in at three after the fall of an early wicket and did well – so they dropped him down to four the next day?

Still it’s all too much from a distance for me now to do other than ask. If Liam is made available soon, he could replace one of the openers (guess) and give them an extra bowling option?

Comment by pompeypop

Hampshire haven’t exactly enjoyed ‘Fortress Chelmsford’ this season have they? Played three, lost three – and only the 50 over game was even slightly close.

Comment by pompeypop

I detect a more ‘kamikaze’ like approach to the first 5-6 overs in T20 this season (upwards of 10-15 per over) and whilst it paid off in the first three games and gave us a great platform to get above par scores, its failed dismally in the last two. The first five or six dismissals in the Sussex match were just sheer suicides, no more than throwing the bat.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

Maybe Adams should open with Vince – he can’t do worse than Rousseau or Bailey

Comment by Greystalk

Can’t this character Beefy who is always being mentioned in the cricket news section on the official website open the batting?

Comment by James

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