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July 21, 2017, 5:16 pm
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(6.15pm) The weather is lousy in Pompey and it’s come up from the west country where the local derby between Somerset and Gloucestershire has already been abandoned, with no play. The forecast suggests Chelmsford might escape the worst of all this, but Gloucestershire’s one point tonight takes them to the top – at least until Hampshire, Surrey, Middlesex and Glamorgan complete their matches.

Gloucestershire are having an odd season, with one tie and now two matches abandoned, while Glamorgan’s game v Sussex at Cardiff is delayed.


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Rossouw gone!

Comment by Paul

Five T20 innings – 99 runs. I did assume that he might at least be able to contribute to this form of the game, but maybe not.

Comment by pompeypop

Compared to his Championship form since his injury that is a major contribution!

Comment by James

KP batting with a runner? Why’s that allowed, for a pre-existing injury? Farcical!

Comment by Jeremy

I wonder what the verdict would have been with an uncapped young tail-ender?

Comment by pompeypop

I see my comment is timed exactly coincident with your more eloquent expression of disgust!

I’m not sure Arlott or Brearley would ever have been attracted to what cricket already has become. We’re very lucky to have had the “deep” fun we have out of it!

Comment by Jeremy

Not going back on top either, worse than last night.

Comment by Paul

Ref the conversation with Jeremy, I remember reading many years ago how Arlott had been a typical football in the winter, cricket in the summer man, but eventually got sick of the ‘culture’ of the big ball game, turning his back on it (and his favoured team Reading FC). Times change, people adjust and it’s unlikely that a man like Arlott would, indeed could emerge in the contemporary world – but if he’s looking down on us, I suspect he’s not enjoying very much what he sees. As for Brearley – he writes quite regularly in the ‘papers these days but it seems only about that funny old five-day stuff.

Comment by pompeypop

Very interesting to be reminded about Arlott’s football interest, which I’d forgotten (being a decade or so behind you on the journey 😉 ).

Brearley is almost the last of his kind as well (perhaps Atherton is similiar), and I was only recently reminded that he seconded a motion on how wrong MCC were on Apartheid in 1968. Pleasingly anti-establishment from someone then who had a lot to lose!

Comment by Jeremy

Arlott – who had visited and documented his experiences of apartheid era South Africa with an MCC tour – was of course instrumental in getting Basil D’Oliveira a career in England (I’ve always wondered why not Hampshire) and in 1970 during the ‘Stop the Tour’ issue, he disagreed with the Hampshire Committee’s support for the tour (probably alone) and as a consequence resigned from the Committee. Hampshire (almost certainly Desmond Eagar) published their pro-position in the Handbook.

Comment by pompeypop

(a bit worryingly) that had also slipped my mind, VERY nice to be reminded of it.

I’m glad you’re blog sabbatical is over!

Comment by Jeremy

I remember seeing Arlott interviewed by Michael Parkinson many years ago in which he told the story of how when he was working for the Manchester Guardian he was scheduled to travel to Belgrade to cover the Red Star v Manchester United European Cup tie but a more senior reporter objected believing he should have been assigned the game and so the Editor stood Arlott down. On the return journey the plane crashed at Munich of course killing eight players and fifteen other passengers including the aforementioned journalist.

I’m not sure how well known this is and it is chastening to think that had it not been for that last minute switch Arlott could have died at the age of 44 and we would have been deprived of so much of his great work.

Comment by James

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