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July 24, 2017, 8:52 am
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Thanks first to Dave P (Comment below) who tells us that “Hampshire 2nd XI are playing Middlesex today at the Nursery ground, and Hampshire are top of the South Division! – with Middlesex in second place”.

I hope it’s dry. Forecast seems OK for two days but it’s gloomy (and damp) in Pompey. Incidentally CricHQ are making changes from today, so I hope it will remain possible to bring 2nd XI scores.

Meanwhile I’ve been checking some T20 records, principally in all T20 cricket rather than Hampshire, which can be found on Tigger’s site. In that respect, he’s told us that Carberry needs just six runs to be the first Hampshire player to reach 3,000 (he has 3648 in all T20)

Because yesterday’s game had no toss or teams Abbott is still stuck on 99 games in all matches. My apologies for missing, in our last game, that Rossouw reached 100 matches and Shahid Afridi 250.

There doesn’t seem to be anything else imminent, although if Sean Ervine returns he needs 39 runs to reach 2,500 for Hampshire.


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CricHQ? Registered, fine ; Got the e-mali, fine ; Logged in, fine ; Try the “Match Centre”, well, it’s crashed my computer (something which almost never happens now) three times, so I’m going to wait to see if I hear anything more positive here!

Comment by Jeremy

CricHQ doesn’t work for me today. Do you have to pay to get it now?

Comment by Bob Elliott

It looks that way!

Comment by Jeremy

Meanwhile, at the Ageas Bowl – no play yet, inspection at 1pm – ground is a bit wet.

Comment by John West

Thanks John, that explains why the score is not showing. I have got into CricHQ because a few weeks ago I ‘joined’ their free version rather than just getting it through Google**. It seems from the update you can now pay for a super-slick version, or stick with what I have, but maybe only if you enrolled previously (?)

Anyway I’m in today, and if I can stay in, I’ll do my best to keep you all up-to-date with latest scores and details. And I will very much appreciate any info such as that from John this morning – saves me fretting.

In the meantime, I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that the under-11 Hippies from the California Cricket Academy scored 98 all out, against Bucks under-11 this morning.

** John Arlott you know, never wrote a sentence like that.

Comment by pompeypop

I just joined CricHQ, no problems yet. I haven’t joined the super one where you have to pay. The free one looks OK.

Comment by Tigger Miles

At 1pm inspection umpires said ground had not dried in past 3 hours – next inspection 2pm.

Comment by John West

2nd XI start at 3pm

Comment by John West

Thanks John.

Comment by pompeypop

Hampshire team: Adams, Smith *, Holland, F. Organ, Dickinson, Scriven, Taylor, Hay, Sole, Salisbury, Wheal, Stevenson. CRICHQ free is not showing detailed scorecard

Comment by John West

That’s right John it’s not. I have 17-1 after six overs and I can see that Adams is facing Tim Murtagh (is this 2nd XI?) but that’s it now unless I upgrade to Premium and start paying. As I’m already paying Cricket Archive I’m not sure I’ll do that for 2nd XI games from the end of July. From John’s teamsheet, I guess Will Smith has gone.

Comment by pompeypop

Plus I note that the recent Newclose 2nd XI scorecard is now up on Cricket Archive, so I’m going to wait and see how quickly this one appears, and in the meantime score summaries must suffice.

Comment by pompeypop

I asked why I could only see the current score. This was the reply.

Kishen Pillay(CricHQ & TCS Support)
Jul 24, 11:20 PM BST

Hi Bob

With the Fan Pass Basic you would only be able to view the entire scorecard when the match has been completed and uploaded to CricHQ.

Comment by Bob Elliott

Thanks Bob

I suspected as much – it will also then be on Cricket Archive. Does anyone yet know how much it is for the upgrade?

Comment by pompeypop

US$1.49 per month – my payment has not hit my account yet so I do not know what exchange rate is used or what fees are added.

Comment by John West

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