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July 29, 2017, 8:14 am
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It comes as something of a surprise to learn that Toby Roland-Jones was the first English bowler with a double-barrelled surname to take a Test wicket in any of our lifetimes. Before Toby, the last one was the legendary George Simpson-Hayward in 1910.

Has there ever been a double-barrelled Aussie?



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“The legendary George Simpson-Hayward” – don’t ask me.

Comment by pompeypop

Apparently he was the last “serious” underarm “lob” bowler….

He had a strike rate of under 40 in both tests and fc cricket.

Malcom Marshall was around 46 in both!

Comment by Jeremy

Lovely! Cheers Jeremy. Conan-Doyle wrote that story “Spedegue’s Dropper” and I think Ledger Hill bowled lobs – at least on occasions(?)

Comment by pompeypop

More seriously Toby is a bit like Philander; not top pace but accurate with movement. I feel like I’ve been travelling in her Tardis, and it’s all rather delightful.

Comment by pompeypop

“Chuck Fleetwood-Smith?

Comment by Dave Pople

And Nathan Coulter-Nile

Comment by Dave Pople

Excellent!! You guys are sharp this morning – quiet Friday night?

Comment by pompeypop

Different sport (rugby union) but I always thought Adam Ashley-Cooper should have been playing on the wing for England and not Australia.

Comment by James

The only Tobias to have played for England it would seem. In another family I suppose he might have been Tobias Skelton Roland Jones, or TSR, which has a certain RMC to it.

Hampshire Toby’s as it were… Henry Tobias Frere in Victorian times and much more recently Tobias Jonathan De Mellow of the under 15s (born Portsmouth).

Just getting my money’s worth out of Cricket Archive…..:)

Comment by stephenfh

Brilliant Stephen, I know the young man’s dad Chris who played at Hambledon. Cheers

Comment by pompeypop

I heard on TMS during Toby’s ODI debut earlier this season that he is the only Tobias to have played senior international cricket. (They did apparently find a lad who played for the Netherlands, I think it was, at U15 level).

Just heard Toby pick up his fifth wicket and I am absolutely delighted for him as he lives just up the road from me and played his early cricket locally at Sunbury CC.

His one drawback is that he isn’t good for the over rate but he will probably be fine at Test level where it seems to be entirely optional as to whether you bowl your daily allocation.

Comment by James

Here you go. A few South Africans as well

Comment by James

Note Gough Calthorpe, Tennyson’s opposing captain in that famous match at Edgbaston, was one listed. His family owned tracts of land in North Hampshire, and as far as I know, still do. One of their number has a leading role in Poldark.

Funny where Cricket queries lead!

Comment by Alan Edwards

Funny indeed – great stuff! Mrs A and I watch Poldark, but I cannot do so without recalling the great Clive James’ review of the original series in the Observer. In a brief sentence, he pointed out that the title was an anagram that told you all you needed to know …

Comment by pompeypop

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