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July 31, 2017, 1:33 pm
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Moeen Ali wants to be thought of as a England’s second spinner, but having taken wickets with the fifth and sixth balls of the over, Mike Atherton kept telling us (courtesy of ‘Hampshire’s’ Richard Isaacs) as Stokes bowled, that the last England off-spinner to take a Test Match hat-trick was Gloucestershire’s Tom Godard just before the war.

Then Moeen finished the game to become the first man to take a Test hat-trick at the Oval and also the first to complete it with a Review to the TV umpire!

Incidentally England’s ‘first’ spinner Liam Dawson was on the field before lunch.


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Tom Graveney told me an interesting story about Tom Godard, who like many finger spinners suffered with a split and blistered forefinger, until he learned the secret – peeing on it!

Comment by pompeypop

Four first ball ducks in the South African second innings. Must be a record surely?

Comment by James

Answering my own question it seems it is! http://www.howstat.com/cricket/Statistics/Matches/MatchMostGoldenDucks.asp?Stat=I

Comment by James

There is a quite brilliant Agnew to Boycott wind-up on BBC:


Comment by pompeypop

I don’t know if the full ten minutes is available, but if it is, definitely worth a listen.

All this 100th Oval Test business has irritated 😉 me a bit – I was at the ROTW 1970 Test, and saw Sobers and Pollock put on a hundred in not much over an hour after tea – breathtaking stuff, and certainly test cricket – so this was the 101st!

As I wouldn’t put anything past the ICC, I bet a lot of other people were taken in – brilliantly done by Aggers and Andrew S!

Comment by Jeremy


Comment by Jeremy

I agree. It was brilliantly set-up and executed and most certainly had a ring of truth about it.

Comment by James

It has always seemed odd that those ROW records don’t count – especially in comparison with say Zimbabwe v Bangladesh or even more, some of the early tours that were only designated Test Matches in retrospect. The 1896 Tests in South Africa featured three Hampshire players yet I think that when England played the first Test the following summer at home, only ONE player from the previous England side appeared – because the best players did not tour! Yet it was still decided that the three matches counted as Tests (and there are other examples)

Comment by pompeypop

I think I read that in the early tests in England it was the custom for the grounds to pick the teams? So they could boost the Box Office? If so, perhaps it’s a good thing the ECB is packed with people with a Blairite enthusiasm for history (whoops!)?

Comment by Jeremy

Absolutely right Jeremy – go to Old Trafford (for example) and the Committee there picked the team, yet we have no doubts about including all those performances in the record books. Mind you it might well be much the same at county level – how many first-class career records of amateurs were the result of who you knew (or perhaps had fagged for)?

Comment by pompeypop

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