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August 1, 2017, 5:11 pm
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Hampshire v Kent (Tigger) Records:


Interesting that the HS on both sides is a not out 90+ (J Vince & A Symonds)

Two changes: Alsop for the injured Carberry and Afridi for Topley, who was most economical of pacemen in last game.


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I guess most of you are there, but there is no online commentary (2nd over).

Comment by pompeypop

Must be Jamo’s salary is too high….

Comment by John Cottrell

It’s on MW

Comment by Jeremy

I’ve been listening in as Hampshire’s reply goes off at a rate of knots. They have the effects microphone up and with every boundary it’s reminding me of the pleasure of all those lovely musical extracts.

Comment by pompeypop

Now Adam B is continually telling us that the left-handed McManus is in at three. I think it’s probably Alsop?

Comment by pompeypop

Odd fact: Tom Alsop has played three times; he’s top-scored twice; they’ve lost all three. Listening on the radio it seemed they should have made it, although clearly Kent bowled well at the end – and there was just one six (Vince) for Hampshire.

Comment by pompeypop

I wasn’t following the match so I’m perusing the scorecard for the first time. At first glance Alsop’s top score stands out, but he faced more balls than anyone else (43 balls) and his scoring rate was below that required to win. Dawson had a lower rate but he faced only 9 balls.

It just goes to show that T20 scorecards and first-class scorecards need to be read differently.

Comment by Hedgehog

It was a very disappointing finish after such a great start to the chase.

I hate to be critical but for me George Bailey showed no sense of urgency in his partnership with Tom Alsop. He ambled many singles & okay there might never have been two available but there was no pressure put on the fielder at all. Tom is extremely quick between the wickets but it felt like he was stifled during that partnership & after being well ahead at the halfway stage there was suddenly a lot to do.

Comment by joster69

Thanks Jo. One of the problems for me with Alsop is that if you keep dropping him and then bringing him back he’s unlikely to approach a game with the same sense of freedom that someone like Vince (or Rossouw!) will have.

Another interesting stat is that Vince is leading from the front in the T20 BUT – six of his eight innings are between 29 and 42. One was a failure (3) and only once has he gone on beyond 50 (81 at Hove). Indeed Hampshire have only four half-centuries all season, all in different games (Vince, Carberry, Alsop, McManus). In three of those games, Hampshire won.

Comment by pompeypop

Not sure I agree Jo, Bailey out scored Alsop 2:1. I felt Alsop lacked urgency as his strike rate indicates.

Comment by Paul

Bailey was quicker but not 2:1 – Alsop’s SR 105, Bailey’s 128. It seems they just left it too late. A T20 match with more than 313 runs and just 10 wickets but only one six (by Vince) suggests the nature of the pitch (and maybe quality of bowling?) As such, you can’t then expect to suddenly start clearing the ropes in the last two overs. Maybe Alsop was batting to orders with others required to hit around him?

PS – we have to be gentle with Jo. Only two games last night but her favourite team lost from the penultimate ball and her favourite northern team from the last ball

Comment by pompeypop

Were you there Paul?

I’m afraid I disagree with you completely on the strike rate…..

I always try to take a positive view & spend more time defending players rather than criticising……it was just markedly obvious that quick singles were not on the agenda. Having watched Tom Alsop I just don’t believe the pace of the running was coming from him.

George Bailey never even broke into a gentle jog between the wickets…..so never had any thought for running a two…one boundary was very short but there was at least one three last night so two’s were definitely achievable

As a side note Tom Alsop could probably run two for every George Bailey single…….& yes he does have youth on his side. Never mind the runs he saved by charging up & down the boundary.

Comment by joster69

Listening to the radio with Kent batting 150-60 was par going on competitive with ball not coming onto the bat, the comments in the last few overs didn’t seem to reconnect very much with what was said earlier as the game changed.

Press comment about moving on for Friday, Lords have been selling tickets for Thursday: forecast fine after the rains and Middlesex will be minus some players.

Comment by stephenfh

What a damp squib ! Big hitter required. Where was the latter half urgency? I felt Joster was right. More urgency in mid innings essential. Sigh.

Comment by Chas C

It was a game Hampshire should have won, but these things happen. I can’t get excited about it it, after all, it’s not ‘proper cricket’ is it . . . Roll on Sunday.

Comment by Bob Elliott

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