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August 2, 2017, 7:40 am
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Last night Bell-Drummond’s 62 was pretty important (Hants’ highest, Alsop’s 43*)

In this season’s T20 Southern Group, where the matches have not lost overs to rain

19 matches have been won by the side with the highest scorer

In one match both sides had a top scorer with 101 (Glams beat Sussex)

In five matches the highest scorer in the match finished on the losing side (inc Tom Alsop) but even then it was not always the key; for example

Gloucs top-score was 52 when they lost to Glams who had two men scoring 51 & 50

Essex top score was 75 but the winners Surrey had a 61 and a 56.

In only five of those 25 games, did no batsman reach 50 – twice Kent v Gloucs, plus two featuring Hampshire and one each for Essex, Middlesex, Somerset and Surrey

There have been five centurions, but two finished on the losing side. Hampshire’s highest is 81 by Vince at Hove (won)

PS Since neither side won, I excluded the tie


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So disappointing to lose that game last night and disappointed by Dawson’s ‘performance’ in particular. It would have put us in a good position to qualify, as it is there will be a real scramble for places now. The match was thrown away basically. How did we get to a situation where at the crucial time our two most inexperienced batsmen were at the crease.

Comment by Peter Jeffs

I was surprised Afridi or Wood did not come in after Dawson was dismissed

Comment by Paul

You had all better ask the “Whites” what they were up to in the selection of the batting order…..oh sorry they don’t know either…..

Comment by John Cottrell

Meanwhile, back at he’Bowl, there’ll be no play for the Seconds today if my weather radar is right.

Comment by Bob Elliott

I have read Dave’s comments and have come to one simple conclusion. He needs to get out more!

Never mind, proper cricket this weekend.


Comment by James

I suspect you’re right James! Although I am coming to the Surrey game.

Comment by pompeypop

A 13-man squad has been announced for Thursday and Friday that includes Dawson. Isn’t he with England?

Comment by Bob Elliott

Unless England have already told Dawson he’s not required? He was certainly in their 13-man squad, named on Monday

Comment by pompeypop

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