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August 10, 2017, 7:51 pm
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Who was able to confirm the result – thank you Mr Marshall, look for some of his photos from Arundel in the Echo


And here are a couple of mine. I took more than 100 but …



Organ drives but in vain (non-striker Smith)

Excellent victories for the Vipers and Hampshire at the Ageas Bowl and an excellent semi-final win for the 2nd XI v Yorkshire but surely all three were non-events? The commentary by ‘Jamo’ and Raj praised the spinners, but suggested Glams were hopeless.

In the final at Arundel Hampshire actually got closer than seemed probable.


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Interesting too that after it was all over, Nick Knight and Michael Atherton on Sky TV agreed that the two games were “disappointing” and not what T20 crowds hope for (apart from home wins). Meanwhile, two to play, and two wins takes Hampshire through.

Comment by pompeypop

Which just goes to show that both believe what the crowd wants is 4s & 6s.
Sky TV want that maybe the neutrals however the home fans went home very happy.
I’d rather we won like tonight than lose by 5 runs or in the last over.
And in any case both home teams bowled and fielded brilliantly. Not what Sky want or maybe even understand!

Comment by Paul

I’m not sure that’s right. What they (and I) were suggesting was that these games (and Hampshire’s two at Arundel) were effectively non-contests. It doesn’t require 4s and 6s to be enthralled by the possible outcome but if you know who’s going to win before half the game is over? Ultimately of course, Sky have a bigger responsibility to the mostly neutral audience who might certainly have admired Hampshire’s spinners, the outcricket, Vince’s innings etc (I’ve no idea about the Vipers’ game) but I wonder how many stuck with it to the inevitable conclusion? There’s more suspense in Eastenders

Comment by pompeypop

Sussex made an extraordinary mess of the finish at Lord’s and lost by two runs. The result very much suited Hampshire, but still all nine teams in their division could qualify for the quarter finals.

Comment by pompeypop

I took over 500! Unlikely to be any in the Echo as they were only interested if they won. The Brighton Argus had a couple but that’s about it.

As we discussed, Dave, don’t get me started on the coverage in The News

Comment by Neil M

What coverage would that be?

Comment by Paul

Is it ok to put a link to the album I’ve created on Flickr?

Comment by Neil M

Carry on Neil – yes please. use the Blog for any photos you wish

Comment by pompeypop

The photos are here – https://www.flickr.com/photos/njmphotographs/albums/72157685044454403

We have “Fraser Hay’s Four” but, alas, no Julian and Sandy, J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock, Rambling Syd Rumpo or Dr Chu En Ginsberg MA (failed) (one for the oldies out there!)

Comment by Neil M

Let’s not forget a fine debut behind the stumps for our latest wicket keeper. Dickinson was sharp and effective I thought. 3 good spinners, a new Chris Wood, and great fielding in the main. Its almost banished the Kent game a week ago from my mind.

Comment by Chas C

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