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Best Case?
August 12, 2017, 9:13 pm
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Here’s one to cheer Nick up! Does anyone know the order of criteria when points are equal?


Middx already can’t catch us

Whoever loses Surrey v Sussex can’t then catch us.

Realistically, Kent can’t catch us on run-rate, and we’ve won one each. I can’t remember the regs but that looks ok for us.
I think that IF
Glams beat Somerset, Somerset can’t catch us and
Gloucs beat Essex, Essex can’t catch us
That would make five teams can’t catch us and we’re through, regardless after that

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Not sure this will help Nick’s nerves……..

21.11.4The tie-breakers for teams finishing on equal points will be:
a The team with the higher net run rate in the Group Matches will be placed in the higher position (see below).
b In the event that teams cannot be separated by (a) above, this will be done by drawing lots.

a – looks okay

b – harsh……assumed it would be most games won, then results between those on equal points 😳

It seems to back up those that suggest T20 is a lottery!!

Comment by joster69

Thanks Jo. As you say, the first option looks good for us, but why drawing lots? And why keep changing it? I think Hampshire are VERY likely to go through – maybe a home draw too?

Comment by Dave Allen

I know a few people who think drawing lots would be more interesting than a T20 game!

Comment by James

Our net run rate is .421 (rounded from .42051).

If someone conceded one run more than we have, their NRR would be .416.

So the “drawing of lots” tie break seems “quite unlikely” to come into play!

Comment by Jeremy

Cheers Jeremy – what a fine source of information this Blog has become! Apart from Sussex, we’ve also a significantly better r/r than the others and even defeat v Somerset is unlikely to make a huge dent there, after 14 matches.

Comment by pompeypop

Perfect set of results today….I think!
2 of the 3 teams that could possible go past 15 pts, play each other…. Surrey v Gloucester.,,,,so great news!

Comment by Nick Jenkins (@nickjenkins01)

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